Is the liquid ban for airlines just on carry on baggage?

I'm getting ready to travel home for the holidays and I was wondering if the Liquid ban was just for carry-on bags or if it was for any luggage at all.

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    The liquid regulations is just for your carry on luggage. I suggest that you visit the TSA website prior to traveling they have the complete list of what you can bring on the aircraft in your carry on as well as your checked luggage.

    Hope this helps and have a great trip!

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    The regulations only apply to carry-on luggage but you are allowed to have liquid items in your carry-on as long as each item is under 3oz. and all liquid items need to fit into one quart-sized ziptop bag so they can be screened separately at security. You can find hundreds of your favorite items in the required travel sizes of 3oz. or less at .

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    Just carry ons.

    It can't cause no trouble if its in the baggage area. ~joni

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    At my airport (NY) they tell me it is supposedly just for carry-on, which shows how ridiculous the whole thing is anyway. Call your airport to be sure.

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