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Why do some adult sites display a warning page and some don't?

Where they warn you about adult content and make you click "I'm over 18", etc..? Is that by website's jurisdiction or what?

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    It's required if the site is depicting a sexual act. . . I.E. sexual intercourse, oral sex, anal sex, masturbation or is describing a sexual act. . . If the site is just nude pictures, then no warning is required.

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    Hi sorry...

    This my opinion...I am not hurt you....

    your question shows you visit adult sites...My good advice to is dont wast your time in "that" websites... Internet consist of more good websites & Resources Spend your time with useful sites..See Yahoo Q &A also is a very good for share our knowledge and get many useful ideas...

    All the best..

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    The only reason I can think of is; that they are conforming to the laws in the country that they are being hosted in

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    I guess the US owned one has it due to the CLiton interet bill

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    most sites run this as a scape goat so they can't get sued.

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