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I'm sleeping with my mums ex boyfriend?

He's 46 and I'm 16, and I know i sound niave but he isn't a pervert.

His children are older than me, but he has ones younger than me as well.

I am in love with him, i really am, its not just a stupid crush.

It isn't statutory rape its legal at my age in this country.

I want to go public with him but he can't because he has children but i love him so much and its killing me, i only see him once a week and thats if i'm lucky.

he dated my mam about 3 and a half years ago and we always got on very well.

i dont know what to do, please somebody help me.

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  • Jeff W
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    This man should know better, having children your age and older. You are only 16 years old and haven't lived enough to know what real love is. He may please you physically and sexually, but that is such a small part of any relationship.

    Let's look down the road a bit. What happens when the relationship comes out into the open? Will he be an equal partner? Loving husband? Another incarnation of your dad? Do you have the skills to parent his kids? Will he understand when you want to party with your friends and he wants to stay home and watch reruns of Matlock?

    Honey, it may not happen today, or tomorrow, or next month, but be assured. You will get hurt. Get away....FAST!

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    He is much too old for you and maybe you see him as a father image and don't know the difference . Obviously your dad wasn't around and he was good and kind to you when he was around. I am sure you want a stable and nice person to have in your life.

    This choice is not the best for you and you should really end this.

    You are totally confused and should find someone your own age ....

    He should not have let himself be involved with you, it is not right and he is taking advantage of you. He is being very selfish and is robbing you of a life you should be pursuing with your own age group.

    I am sorry but , I don't believe this is appropriate at all and when your Mom finds out she will be furious...

    The fact that you mentioned the statutory rape thing makes me think twice about your motives.

    It is like you are trying to convince everybody and yourself that this situation is okay. It is not!!!!!

  • Anonymous
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    Don't know where you from but doing to a 16 yr old and your 46 seems like statutory rape to me. ANd with the guy that probably has been doing your Mom too. I bet MOm is proud of having a slut as a daughter. But whatever. and your too young to know what love is and He will drop you as a rock just like he did to your MOm as soon as he finds another girl.

  • ?
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    First of all, this is on the list of don'ts. Sex makes you 'think' you are in love with someone because it feels good and you are close to that person for the time being. That old man doesn't love you! He has lived half his life. You weren't even born when he started having sex.

    You need to stop this craziness. It will lead to destruction and pain.

    But guess what? Jesus loves you regardless. He wants you believe in Him and live for Him. God sent Him to die for you. The very thing that you are doing now. Repent and ask the Lord to come into your heart. If you believe that Jesus died for you and you say this openly, you will be saved. Put God first in your life and you won't even know who that 46 yr old man is anymore.

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    don't you think that 46 is a bit old for you? you are only 16 are you really looking at the bigger picture here when your are in the prime of your life maybe 30 he will be what 60 he will probably be in diapers are you willing to give up your youth so fast ? well if so than good for you because you found love :)

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    That is ridiculous. First of all you shouldn't be doing anything with someone that is that much older than you. And you are way to young to even think about being in "love" with him. And he is a huge pervert. A 46 year old man that sleeps with a child is a pervert.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    sorry to break it to you but he is a pervert. bring it to public and everyone will think your a pervert. I think your a pervert. find someone your own age, if you don't then he'll die when your still 30. that would be really sad right? face it, a 30 year age difference is too much. you need help. tell your mom and get it over with.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do you see a problem with him NOT wanting to go public? Why, honestly, do you think that is?

    He's a pedophile, no matter how much "convincing" you he has done. I'd see about placing a little more value on yourself and drop the looser, you got so much to live for and he certainly is not it.

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    In my country it's sick - anywhere it's sick. Generally, people don't date their mother's boyfriends. I haven't heard of an age difference this big since the middle ages. Sounds like a pervert to me. Maybe when you get to old, he'll leave you for YOU'RE daughter.

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    I think you should end this relationship imediately. You are worth much more than some 46 year old guy. I think you just have self esteem issues thats all.

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