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My walkman says it needs a 3DC adapter, my adapter says the output is 24v AC 1000mA Level 3. Whats that in DC?

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    Your walkman needs an adapter that puts out 3 volts DC. Do not try to use a 24 VAC adapter with it. You would most likely damage it. If you didn't get an adapter for the walkman when you bought it, check with some stores that sell walkmans. They may be able to sell you the right one.

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    You are talking about two entirely different things .. DC means direct current and AC means alternating current, you will kill the walkman using an AC power cord.. Plus I can't see a walk man requireing 24 volts with 1000miliAmps of resistence. 24 volts is the equivilent of 16 batteries (AAA-D (not 9volt))

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