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"Does lemon joy work on dogs with allergies?'?

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    You mean to wash your dog with??

    No, no, no lol! Learned this when I was a kid, it will dry out your dogs skin. Making your dog itch way more then if you just let your dog be dirty...

    As with humans who have allergies, get a all natural soap. These are made with the very basic ingredients possible. No perfume is added (which is why some of us are allergic to soap). No nasties are present. And these soaps are not that spendy! Some of these soaps people make them and sell them Online! Some have nice smelling natural ingredients :0)

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    What exactley are you trying to accomplish?

    Lemon Joy is a dish soap that works on killing fleas on dogs or cats great for when they are too young to bathe with flea shampoo, however if it is not fully rinsed off it can cause serious skin burns and irritation, not something I would try on a dog with allergies.

    Source(s): Former groomer
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    You will harm your pet more than help it. Dish detergent is way too harsh for sensitive skin.

    The best thing for a dog with skin allergies is to:

    *Find out the cause (often it is diet, fleas, or environmental) so you can avoid the irritation.

    *You can also put your pet on Children's Benadryl (ask the vet for proper dosing for your pet) to help control the irritation.

    *Bath less often to avoid over drying. Use a medicated for allergies dog shampoo. Another option is to use baby shampoo (I use it with conditioner) because it is gentle enough for the sensitive skin of allergic pets.

    Using the wrong product on your pet can kill them... please be carefull. IE: Himalayan cats are extremely sencitive and can go into shock if the wrong soap is used.

    Source(s): Experience with sensitive pets & having skin sensitivities myself.
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    no not really. maybe temporarily, but using that on a regular basis will throw off any normal balance left in the skin. talk to your vet about using a daily dose of benedryl if appropriate, or getting a good quality allergy shampoo. allergy testing can be helpful. it is expensive, but tells you exactly what the dog is allergic to and a special vaccine can be made up for your dog. I recommend that for dogs with severe allergies.

    Source(s): i'm a vet tech
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  • DON'T use dish soap on an animal, it is WAY to harsh for their skin.

    Always use a shampoo either made for dogs or even Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

    You don't say what kind of allergies the dog has either.

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    No it dosn't work. Trust me. I'm an expert

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    try it.

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