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Lactating and not pregnant?

I'm not pregnant (had blood test), not newly off any medications, and have not breastfed in 9 months. Why are my breasts not only lactating, but aching? At first I thought it was because I was going to get my period since it started 2 weeks before my period, well now that's done and it's still there. Could the blood test be wrong and I could be pregnant, or is it something else?


It's not an infection. I asked the Dr. the same question and he says it doesn't sound like one.

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    I took 4 home urine tests, 2 office urine tests, and a blood test...all said negative until I was 9 1/2 weeks pregnant. Somehow, I just knew. Now 27 weeks and due March 20th.

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    Lactation (when it is inappropriate it is called galactorrhea ) is produced by hormones particularly Prolactin. It can also be caused by high level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). The actual molecule is so similar to Prolactin that the breast can be stimulated to produce milk by it.

    Both these hormones are produce by the Pituitary gland found in the head directly below the brain.

    The Pituitary produces extra TSH when the thyroid is not functioning adequately (hypothyroidism). The production of TSH is controlled by the Hypothalamus, part of the brain. The hypothalamus sends a hormone TSH Releasing Factor to the Pituitary.

    The Hypothalamus also controls Prolactin production but, in the opposite manner. It sends a neurotransmitter Dopamine to the pituitary to prevent Prolactin production. If the Dopamine is stopped by damage to Hypothalamus (stroke) the blood vessels between the Hypothalamus and Pituitary (trauma or brain tumor), or Dopamine is interfered with by medications (antihistamines, antipsychotics, certain herbals) then extra Prolactin is secreted,

    The other possible cause of extra Prolactin production is a tiny tumor in the Pituitary called a Prolactinoma.

    Nipple stimulation CAN cause the Hypothalamus to allow the Pituitary to produce Prolactin, but it has to be extended stimulation (It is done to help woman to become a "wet nurse" and breast feed someone else's baby.

    The usual investigation by the doctor would include:

    a visual field examination (looking for tumors in the area)

    microscopic examination of the milk (looking for infection, tumor cells).

    Laboratory blood tests for Prolactin and TSH

    And possibly a CT of the Brain (and Pituitary)

    The Prolactinomas are often treated medically but some require surgery.

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    This is a condition called "gallacteria" (I probably spelled that wrong..sorry). I had this condition in high school and it was completely fine.

    What color is the discharge. White, yellowish and green are normal colors. If the discharge is red or brown, it could be indicative of an infection.

    You should let your doctor know and they will likely check your prolactin level (it's a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland). If your hormones are normal, then there is likely nothing at all to worry about.

    As my doctor told me, just don't encourage it (don't "squeeze" to check). The more you cause yourself to lactate, the more liquid you will create. But your doctor can talk to you about it more.

    Good luck.

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    1. Playing with nipples does not cause lactation. Hormones cause lactation.

    2. You say "now that's done." You mean you had your period? Then you cannot possibly be pregnant.

    3. I would check with a doctor. Leakage from your nipples can be a sign of infection.

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    Well, I havent breastfed in over 1 year, and still have some lactation from it, not much at all, just a little. My breast are still a little sore, but I know i am not pregnant. maybe you just have some left like I do. (I didn't get the shots to dry it up)

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    Possibly hormonal. Some conditions like hyperprolatinemia cause excess prolactin production which causes lactation.

    You should check with your doctor. A new blood test can again rule out pregnancy and verify your prolactin levels. If you do have elevated prolactin levels, they can be regulated very easily with medication.

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    Its very possible, if shes been on heat recently and been around other dogs, however it could be a ghost pregnancy so definitely go get her checked out either way really! If she is pregnant then you'll need the vets help and if its a ghost pregnancy they can give you lots of advice!

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    you are just one of them lucky women. Wear a sports bra and do not let your man touch on them. I was still lactating after a yr. It will eventually go away.

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    Hormones are funny critters and just because the test was neg does not mean it might not be positive now. Tests can be wrong

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    i've heard that if your boyfriend "orally stimulates" your nipples too much, you'll start to lactate

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