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Im pregnant with a part time job and no insurance, is there anything out there for me?

I need extra help, I am a full time student with a car note

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    Contact your local department of human services you can apply for medicaid, WIC, and other programs. Medicaid will pay all medical bills and will back pay up to three months before you were approved. WIC will give you up to $60 worth of food vouchers for certain foods approved by them and after the baby is born will include certain formulas for the baby. You can also apply for food stamps to pay for groceries. If you are in your last trimester you can also apply and possibly qualify for cash assistance. There may also be a local general assistance office near you where you can apply for cash assistance to help pay bills like rent and utilities. They can also give you $50 voucher from the Salvation Army to be used at your near by Jewel or other participating grocery store for groceries, personal items, baby items, etc.

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    You could explore the option of a homebirth with a certified midwife. In a low-risk pregnancy (which most are) a homebirth is just as safe as a hospital birth and you would save thousands of dollars. (Homebirths around here run about 1800-3000) and almost all work out payment plans.

    If you aren't comfortable with that option, the hospital is required to treat you if you walk in regardless of your ability to pay. However, a lot of hospitals will work with you if you talk to them about your situation. Most have financial advocates.

    Lastly, you need to make sure you are getting prenatal care. Start by taking a prenatal vitamin. You can get them very cheap at Wal-Mart or CVS. Then see if you can look up a social services group for women in your area. Look in the phone book under social services. They will likely be able to point you in the right direction.

    good luck!

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    There's not much to help with the car note, but you should have some sort of insurance either through your school or if not through your state's medicaid program. Have you had any prenatal care? Going to a pregnancy resource center, planned parenthood, or your school's health dept will probably help steer you in the right direction. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Have you contacted your Dr. There is a thing here in NY for moms called pecap. It is for pregnant women. Call your local health department and see if the offer some type of insurance for pregnant women.

    You may also qualify for Medicaid or family health plus.

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    Well you can try medicaid. If you are not eligible, go to a community hospital. They will give you medical help for free.They can't deny you medical help.

    You can apply fo WIC right now. They will help you by giving you eggs,milk,cheese,beans,cereal,etc

    After the baby is born you get formula, if you're planning on formula, if not you get extra food.

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    Check out your local WIC department or find one closest to you. They will help you get some money for groceries.

    Planned Parenthood helps a lot. They have more resources if you contact them.

    The sites I listed below may help you.

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    Well no insurance is going to accept you because you have a pre existing condition.

    Try getting on pregnancy medicaid through the government. It ill cover all Dr.'s bills and everything else you will need.

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    you can go to your local department of human serrvices office and apply for medicaid. (state insurance). you will more than likely be covered and it pays for mostly everything, even up to 60 days after your baby is born.

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    Apply for WIC as soon as possible~They help with milk,cheese eggs,cereal and beans. Don't worry stay strong and remember there is plenty of help out there for you. If you need any advice contact me~ Happy Holidays ~

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