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What does Santa do at your house? Does he leave candy canes on tree?

Does he wrap the gifts he brings or leave them unwrapped? This is the first year Santa has came to our house, so I need ideas. I know I will leave milk and cookies, my child is so excited.

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    My parents would also use wrapping paper to block off the doorway to the living room where the presents were, wrapping paper facing toward us. This would let us know Santa had been there and also prevent us from breaking into our gifts before our parents were up. We'd have so much fun ripping through the paper to get to those presents when we had the OK! In addition to leaving milk and cookies for Santa (which would always have a couple bites taken out of them in the morning with a "Thank you!" written in a gold marker on the napkin), we would also leave carrot or celery sticks for the reindeer. Sometimes my parents would even leave a bell or two or some muddy "footprints" in the foyer to show us that the reindeer had been there. Santa's gifts would be unwrapped to differentiate them from the other gifts and the stocking were always full of things like candy canes, apples and oranges. These things always added up to a magical Christmas for my sisters and me and I hope that someday I can make Christmas just as special for my kids. Have fun!!

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    Santa fills the stocking with candies and little toys and candy canes. Leave cookies and milk and be sure to leave behind just one cookies with one bite taken out of it! Santa never ummmmm took the candy canes or left unwrapped presents unless they were big ones like a bike or rocking horse! All gifts were brought wrapped and ready for good kids each year and he filled stockings with yummies for everyone! Coal and snow man poop for bad children!

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    Use your imagination since Santa is imagination anyway. Usually in the commercials with Santa I see him bring wrapped gifts. But some movies have it so he brings them unwrapped. It's all up to you! I dont think he leaves Candy canes though. Make sure to eat the cookies or make it look like Santa took a bite =)

    oh yea and if you do stockings, fill up the stockings with the fillers!

    Source(s): my opinion, also my parents told me Santa was not real since i was like 3 years old so maybe I have no idea what to do...
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    Santa used to leave candy canes on my tree and left the presents unwrapped because he was in a rush. The wrapped ones were from mommy and daddy. I also used to leave carrots for the reindeer in the driveway and in the morning they were half eaten.

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    some of the gifts he wraps but if there are bicycles, toy riding cars, jeeps, trucks, these were unwrapped. he always had a few candy canes and mom and dad always had a gift from Santa. you know Santa gives to everyone even parents and grandparents.

  • well, santa leaves the presants unwraped, and sometimes he leaves candy canes on the tree. he did at mine. :]

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    Poison sweet in mother and father stockings entice little ones with the smell of peppermint then at the same time as they are occupied, kidnap the mother and father, and torture/kill them in a secret residing house Douse the fireplace with gas beforehand leaving the residing house and set it on fireplace [after destroying smoke detectors for sure] entice human beings [ideally no more beneficial than 2 at a time] with the sound of sleigh bells and then have his cannibal reindeers devour them extremely of toy guns play instruments, positioned actual guns in play set for boy present stocking. After leaving a house, close all residing house windows/doors and positioned the heater on severe to enable them suffocate with carbon monoxide silencer on a rifle position pipe bombs on mother and father/adults motor vehicle beforehand leaving the area

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    just drops off the wrapped gifts and fills the stockings.

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    How about popcorn balls on the tree?

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    no....he nevber shows up at my house!

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