Hi I'm a nanny for 2 children, 14 months and 16 months, both boys.I'm kind of at a loss for ways to entertain

them lately, because they are getting older and get bored more easily.My question is to all the moms and childcare providers to give me some ideas on ways to keep them entertained and have it be educational.We do the stories, singing, dancing, we just started working on colors [me showing them something green and repeating it] we also count and do the ABC'S.Any other suggestions??

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    do you drive? Can you take them to the playground? You could go outside and have a scavanger hunt. Collect things on the ground them glue them onto paper. You could also have them cut things out of magizens that they like and make collages! Play dough or clay is always fun! Sounds to me like your doing a great job keep up the good work. Im a red sox fan too! ;-) ( I live in NH)

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    Make a fort in the living room or if you have a play tent or tunnel. Toddlers love that stuff. Build little ramps out of books or cardboard and show them how to move cars up and down them, play peek a boo, put music on and dance and sing. Get pots and pans out with spoons and let them go nuts! Anything noisy, they love at that age.

    If you're no opposed to TV, Baby Einstein videos are great or an education kids video.

    My 22 month old loves Raffi Cd's and calms down and play quietly when I put the cd on.

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    Get some song tapes and teach them songs. They have some really long ones. Kids always like to sing and dance. If they don't talk yet that's ok. They can still do hand movements and dance. That's always fun. Good excercise too. I hear Elmocize is supposed to be a lot of fun.

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    take them out side and teach them how to play games like hide n seek. Show them how to build with blocks or have them look at pieces of paper with drawings and have them find those things and when they find the item there would be another picture and so on(try to limit it to five or six items) and when they reach the end there should be a prize for them.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): baby sitter for a three year old and seven month old
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    You should get some animal flash cards. We did this with my nephew and he loves them. We tell him what they are over and over and then we put them on the ground and ask him where is the dog?? Ok where is the fish.... He loves these cards.... Good luck there are lots of things you can do

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