Andru Donalds?

I think it was 8 to 9 years ago that i heard his song titled "Mishale" (pronounced like Michelle). Anyone know this guy? where's he from? anyone got the lyrics to that song? All i know is the reffrain


what am i supposed to do,


i'll never get over you,


loving you is heaven, missing you is he..ll

and i da da da da da da da...

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    Andru Donalds was born in Jamaica I don't know when. He is 6ft tall His music is primarily reggae, and he is interested in Rastafari mythology. He travelled all over the world as he was growing up. His father was a Professor.

    He learned classical music and sang in a boys' choir as a child. He became interested in pop music after listening to Beatles songs.

    He has lived in Europe and David Foster currently produces his music

    As for the songs lyrics I don't know them but if you purchase his CD it will have them.

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