can you sell a house that is in foreclosure?

im unemployed and facing a foreclosure soon i need help to resolve this issue

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    Yes....and in fact the law will protect you if you know how to use it. I suggest contacting an attorney to get a gameplan that will work for the coming months.

    Here is some additional info. Hope this helps.

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    You can't save your home from foreclosure by filing bankruptcy if you are unemployed. There has to be some evidence you can repay the debt before they'd bother creating the payment plan.

    If you have any equity in your home, get it on the market asap. Every month you don't, you'll lose more in interest, legal fees etc...

    Find a good realtor who knows how to deal with homes that are in foreclosure. If your foreclosure has already been advertised, you are probably getting bombarded by people offering to "help" you.

    Be careful who you choose to list your property with. You want someone who will still try to get you maximum value, not just push through a sale at any price just so they get a commission. And you also want to make sure their ultimate goal isn't to let the place not sell, so they can pick it up from the bank for a huge discount.

    Talk to several agents, find one you really feel you can trust.

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    There are a variety of options if you are facing foreclosure, but if you're unemployed and not planning to work in the near future, your options may be more limited.

    You can sell your home, but it would likely be for a loss. You need to contact the bank and think about bankruptcy, but at least look at all your possible options and decide which fits your situation best.

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    Why don't you declare bankruptcy. If you qualify it will forestall the foreclosure and protect any other assets you might have. Call a lawyer that knows bankruptcy. You may not have to sell your home or suffer foreclosure. Also, did you contact the bank and tell them of your problem? They would probably have you get back on your feet and continue paying the mortgage than foreclose on you.

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    Yes ,You can and heres how :

    Contact a REALTOR or Broker who specialize in foreclosures , They will be able to negotiate on your behalf to accept a short-sale if you owe more than the house is worth or have little or no equity.

    good brokers are worth their weight in gold and you do not need an attorney to handle this for you . if you would like the # to reputable broker who specializes in this please contact me via e-mail, Also it is wise to put your plan to action soon to limit the amount of late payments on your credit and the nice thing is you won't have a foreclosure on your record

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