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best ways to keep my lovebird healthy?

I love it so much. I wont it to live a long time. Thank You


To the person who said its not good to cage them.I have two. I let them loose in my bedroom all the time. no cage at all.I dont like cageing them . they make a mess. but I know there happy to be free in the room.

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    Love birds average about 15 years for a life span. I have a friend and her love birds are 16 and 17 years old and are very active. I do not know how old mine is or what kind of life he had before we acquired him but we provide him with lots of toys, which we change out frequently to keep him interested and challenge his mind. We also let him out of his cage a lot and spend a lot of time interacting with him. He picks up on games quickly, his favorite is hide and seek. He is very good at it. We play tag a lot too, this gives him lots of excersize! His diet is widely varied, soft scambled eggs, peas, carrots, corn, cheese (very little), chicken, apples, oranges, grapes, etc. He loves chips and butter but both are extremely unhealthy for him! We avoid, junk food, salt, caffeine, sugar and alcholic items. There are a few foods that are extremely deadly to peach faced love birds, I've heard avacados are so be careful what you try with your bird. Fresh water is key along with the opportunity to bathe frequently. My bird loves to take a bath with my husband so we have to be careful not to put soap in the water until the bird is done he also loves to take a bath in my cupped hand under the running water from the faucet. Good luck and may your love bird bring you as much joy and happiness as ours does!

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    It's my understanding that lovebirds get along best with a mate.

    Don't know if your bird has been sexed for you or not but getting

    a mate for it could be a real dicey situation for you if the two birds

    are not compatable.

    I would ask the advice of a vet before seeking another bird.

    Most of these birds like to interact with you too & getting out for a

    little bit of exercise regularly.

    Go to a pet store & purchase a book on lovebirds to use as a

    guide.(Just don't be too surprised if some of the suggestions do

    not apply to your bird.A lot of the info is based on generalizations)

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    To keep your lovebird healthy, you should play with him for atleast 1 1/2 hour each day. You should provide him foods other than seeds like fruits and vegetables (seeds are like junk food to birds). You should also keep him physical active. If you can't keep up to the needs of it being healthy, I suggest you to get him/her a mate, that way they will play together and both will be healthy.But, you atleats have to provide them veggies and fruits. If your lovebird is a female, don't let her lay eggs by putting a nestbox because laing eggs shortens their life. NOTE: If you get your lovebird a pair, he/she will be less kinder ot you.

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    Free the birds.....Their FREE world is up in the high skies.

    go for cat or a dog etc. IF U R INTERESTED IN PETS...


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    Be loyal and kind to him. Keep yourself physically attractive. Be attentive to his needs. Laugh at his jokes.

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