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What is a 55 Harley Worth?

The title states its Bodystyle MC. It needs paint job, as well as minor repairs, but overall its been garage kept, and in great running condition.

What does the MC on the title stand for?

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    The MC stands for motorcycle. There were 12 different models available in 1955, Here are the values for the FL 74ci:

    Excellent: $21625

    Very Good: $15200

    Good: $10575

    Fair: $6850

    Poor: $5550

    check http://nadaguides.com and after entering your zip code select "Motorcycles" and then select "Antique Motorcycle" under "Used Values" on the lower left...

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    MC stands for motor cycle. The value is bike depending. Could be lots could be little. If you don't have an appraiser available, look on ebay for simillar model/year and get an average.

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    mc stands for motorcycle and watch ebay auctions to get a relative value as there should be some similar on there

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    motor cikel ...1000 to 15,000 dollars

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    chassis design

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    its worth arond 6.000to10.000

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