im trying to have a baby but it just wont work what am i doing worng?

i have been trying to have a baby but it just wont work

im not on the pell....what am i doing worng

if there is ANY thing u want to say but dont want to say on here please send a email to

and keep in mined that...

i cant tell my mom or dad cause they passed away

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    take a deep breath maybe its just the fact that Ur nerves or scared? if you think in Ur mined "I'm going to have a baby I'm going to have a baby" then u will have a baby but if u think "i don't want one when will this end" then you wont have one AND Ur throwing negative stuff in to the world. you could try seeing a Doctor OR you could just keep trying

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    Everyone's cycle is different. There is a myth that woman ovulate 14 days after their period begins...but that is only an AVERAGE and each month can be different. The other thing is that sperm can live inside you for up to 5 days.... so if you are having a shortened cycle one month and you have sex right after your period and you ovulate earlier than day 14 than yes, there is a chance of getting pregnant. The only way to know is to know exactly when you ovulate. There are several ways to know and some are more effective than others. Some can only predict before ovulation happens and some can only predict that is has already happened. The absolute best info I can give you is to go read a book called Taking Charge of your fertility by Toni Weschler. It will help you understand your body and all the myths about it. It will help you time when you are ovulating and the best times to conceive – or not! . It's about knowing your body and knowing when you are fertile or not.

    My husband and I tried for 1 year and had no luck..… We tried ovulation predictors , laying with pillows under me for 20 min. everything……the first month that I began using the book I realized that my timing was WRONG!. We got pregnant that very first month and I am now due Feb 2, 2007. You can pick and choose what you do with your info. Good luck and don't listen the all the myths! Even if you don't get into charting and will help you in so many ways!

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    How long have you been trying for? It can sometimes take a while.

    You could try buying an ovulation kit from a pharmacy which will tell you when is the best time in your cycle to try and make a baby.

    There are a multude of reasons why it could not be happening, both on your side or on his. My best advice would be to keep trying, and if in a couple of months things still don't happen then you should consult your Doctor.

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    Maybe U should wait till UR alittle older... and married (@ least in love!) Try graduating from HS 1st!

    Just Curious I looked at some of UR other ?'s... This is what I foun from 2 days ago. I dont think U should be TTC!!!

    Her ? posted 2 days ago...

    I need help with boy problems!!!?

    Alright well theres this guy in my class that i really like. So my friend that he doesnt know asked him who he would go out with(she asked him on myspace). Ok and he said me right, ok so my friend kept trying to hook us up, and well he finally answered " why do you keep trying to hook me up with her cause its not gonna happen!!" so im pissed and i dont no wat to do, should i just get over him???

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    Start temping in the mornings this site tells you how to do it

    then use this site to chart it

    This site is a forum where girls can chat about TTC......Please look at this one they can be so helpful

    Checking cervical mucus can tell you when your's the site for that

    Checking your cervix. You need to scroll down some cause the first part we have covered already

    Using ovulation predictor kits (these can get expensive....(I recommend ordering them in bulk on line or using the dollar tree)

    I also recommend this book

    If you have a 28 day cycle then you are likely to ovulate around the 14th day after your period. You would want to have sex before during and after this time! Have sex every other day cause everyday will lower his sperm count!

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    Try using a fertility calender. Do a search on yahoo for a free fertility calendar

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    In most cases if you are trying to get pg it will take about 6 months to get pg. Timing is important. Know when you ovulate. If after trying for 1 year your not pg You and your Husband should go to a doctor together and ask for help.

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    It's a pity to hear about your parents, plz, accept my sympathy and prayers for them. You have to talk to your doctor and follow your doctor's advice. I'm sure they have cases like your in their hospital. Have a merry Chritmas.

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    There are many things which can prevent you from conceiving.

    They may be related to you or your husband as well.

    For a sure solution please visit a doctor.

    Discussing it here is much out of scope.

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    your doing absoulutly nothing wrong, i tried for three years before i had my first baby last year. sometimes these things just take time, its worth every minute if the wait i promise.

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