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Why is my cat's tongue black?

My cat's tongue has little black spots/streaks all over it. I don't think he could have gotten it from licking something or anything like that. What is this from? Is it bad?


I am fairly sure it is not pigmentation, because I remember his mouth when he was a kitten, he has black pigmentation the roof of his mouth, but what is on his tongue seems to be on the surface... Maybe I'll try to brush it! :)

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    Hi Irene...I asked my friend who is a veterinarian and she indicated that it could be pigmentation (e.g. freckles). Without knowing any particular details and being able to ask more questions to determine if it is pigmentation or as a result of ingesting a substance would her best guess. If you suspect there's a problem it would not hurt to ring your vet and ask them specifically so they can ask you some questions to determine if this would require a visit for an evaluation.

    Source(s): Animal Trainer to domestic and exotic cats Friend who is a veterinarian
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