what to do about the in laws??????

Me and my in laws have several issues and differences. Last night I was wondering if I should swallow my pride and spend a couple of hours on christmas over there for my husband. Inside I really dont want to and really scared of them ruining my christmas. Should i go?

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    Anyway...before I go into a RANT about them, if I were you, I would not go if there was any chance of an ugly, Christmas-ruining confrontation with them. Otherwise, you should get some earplugs and just go. Try not to let them get under your skin...I think sometimes people do that purposely to see what kind of reaction they will get. You ruin the game if they get nothing!! Ha Ha Ha!

    I do hope that your husband knows there are some issues there. And I also hope that he would stand up for you at all costs. He's married to you now...YOU are his family and he needs to defend that, even if he disagrees with you. That works both ways, too.

    Good luck! And drink lots and lots of spiked egg nog

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    Well, it's a pretty sad situation that you are afraid to be in your in-laws home over Christmas.

    What part do each of you play in the problem? Is there anything you can do to help improve the situation? Can you possibly keep your mouth shut and not rise to their bait? If you can manage to do that, then I would try. Or is the problem too great and you have to speak up to defend yourself? If that is the case, then I would not go.

    Most importantly -- What does your husband have to say about the problems you are having with his parents? Has he tried to ameliorate the problems? Or does he just leave you to fend for yourself? If your husband refuses to act like a man and defend you, then you should not bother to ruin your holiday on his behalf. (And frankly I'd be having serious discussions about his loyalties in the new year.)

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    I understand what you are going through - my mother-in-law puts a whole new meaning to the word mother-in-law from Hell LOL I would go however as it is Christmas and tis the season to be jolly. Do it for your husband and his family.

    My mother-in-law isn't that bad but is quite opinionated and always telling us that we "have" to do something - she is controlling I guess.

    I would just ignore her and spend a couple hours with them on Christmas. And then after Christmas, do whatever you feel is right.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas :)

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    Swallow your pride..........for the LOVE of your husband. Then take steps to mend the issues. Christ...........Mas that is what it is all about! The spirit of Christmas is a time for forgiving, loving and being grateful. Try this thought...........I Love my in-laws..........they gave me my husband. Tell them that, and if they scorn you, NOT to worry.........you did what you should have done and you made the angels in heaven sing for joy.

    For GOD so loved you that he gave you his only begotten son..... and you will celebrate his birth with love.

    How easy to say



    Merry Christmas

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    Oh come on! You can bite your tongue and swallow your pride for a few hours. Just smile and nod. Don't let anything they say or do ruin your christmas, let it go.

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    GOD bless you with happiness and nice time. You have realized and observed that the times passes away flying. In fact you should not think of today but you should think of tomorrow when you will be lineup as in laws. The time is changing and tomorrow you will be a mother in law.

    Therefore, please forget the PRIDE etc. They are your mom and dad and you shud respect, meet, treat and deal with them like your real parents. Your behavior with them shud prove that you respect them from your heart. If you treat them like that you will be rewarded by GOD Almighty. Your husband will be happy and your in laws will have respect for you in their mind and hearts.

    The things should move on POSITIVE side and NOT on opposite or downwards.

  • I would swallow my pride fo ra couple of hours, but you might want to talk to your husband!

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    If your husband wants you to go, it wouldn't hurt to show your face for an hour or so....but you should tell your husband how you feel and see what he has to say first.

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    Does your husband know how you feel? Will he stick up for you? I would go but make sure you have a way to get back home if things get too unpleasant.

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    No, it's up to you not us. Tell your husband and ask him to go elsewhere.

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