is my boyfriend jerk or he just a spoiled guy??

My boyfriend keeps text messages me to go shopping and buy him something for christmas.. i'm only 16! i won't get a job until i'm 17.. is he being jerk or he just a spoiled guy? please help me. thanks to all of you.

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    Sounds like you've got a real jerk for a boyfriend. He should never tell you to get him something, that is selfish, spoiled and immature. My advice, get rid of him.

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    He's not just a jerk and Spoiled, but he cares only about himself. I think you should avoid the store completly and just make him something at home. Tell him you were so busy answer his texts, and reading them that you didn't get time to go to the store. Don't let him push you around, because that is what he's doing.

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    Ask him how he thinks you'll pay for the present?

    I suspect he is both spoiled, and that is how he was raised. You exchange gifts are Christmas with those you love... I'd take it as a compliment... (unless he didn't get you anything - then DUMP him if he just WANTED a gift).

    Another option, is just MAKE him something. Something not from the store but from the heart (lol and crafts).

    Anyways you do not HAVE to give anyone a present, and it IS crass to ask for one.

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    Sounds to me like he's bein a jerk, ask him if he's gonna pay for all of those text messages so that you can afford a gift. No wait, I take that back. Anyone who feels the need to demand x-mas gifts does not deserve one. Break up with him and give him a big "Merry Christmas"!

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    Borrow the money from him...then buy yourself something nice, then dump him hold on...listen to the rest...wrap up a nice box with a picture of you in the new outfit captioned " call me when you grow up and realize what you had ( photo ) was all you needed...and flowers would be a great move,..." If he's learned the error of his ways, you'll get Roses real quick...if he hasn' deserve better girl.......Uh-HUH ...two snaps and a circle!......

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    Hes totally being spoild thats how I am most of the time but if you realy wanted to get him back just let him ive you a present and you give him something he realy doesn't like and say oops wrong present I gave my present to my cousin ahhhh darn! That'll get him b ack he wont even have a clue I swear lol!!

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    Is he a jokester? cause unless he really was a jerk, he'd be joking about saying something like that. Although, you should still try and get him something just to show that you care. granted, it doesn't have to be something fancy. Ask your parents for some extra cash--that's what they're for. Abuse that privilage while you can ;)

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    Your bf is probably only 12 years old. From what you've described, he is more interested in getting gifts for x-mas than he is in making someone else in his life a happy person.

    That's what x-mas is about - making others around you happy. If he can't see that, then either he is still a child, or he is a manipulative little bugger. Either way, ditch that gold-digger.

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    Do u really want us to tell you that ur bf is jerk...If you love him you doesnt want to heard it.

    Yeah, he is jerk.

    But if you still love him why not you D.I.Y something for him that didnt cost you much..

    If he really love you as you do, he will appreciate that and love you more... If he dont, break up with him on the spot but before that ask what he get for you.

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