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Please Answer!!!!!!!! Question inside!!!!!?

How do you ask someone out? Not the generic "how would one ask someone out", but How do YOU yourself do it?

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    It all depends on who I was asking out. For most of the guys that I know, I'd do it this way:

    "Hey <insert name of guy here>, I see that <insert name of movie here> is playing in town this week. Would you like to go with me?"

    But that's just me. I happen to like movies and would most likely ask a guy to a movie.

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    I make sure I have the girls full attention and she is in a relaxed and happy mood.

    You need to know a little about her lifestyle and interests first (no use asking a babe to a club if she doesn't drink)

    Then I (trying to sound cool and casual) say something like "Have you been to the new club in the city, would you like to hook up one night and go?"

    It seems to work more often than not, but I usually only try it on girls I'm fairly certain wont turn me down.

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