Potty Training Nightmare....?

My 17 month old has been taking her diapers off for almost a year. She figured out early on how to remove the tabs, and when she's wet or messy, off come the pants and the diaper! Last week I caught her trying to take her diaper off with her pants on! We've tried duct tape, which she also learned to remove, and I try to keep her in pants for her naps, but when she wakes up, she takes them off. I'm considering starting to potty train, but is it too young? She's not in a toddler bed yet, she won't stay put, should I wait until she makes that switch? Is it possible to potty train while still in the crib? Help, please!

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    It sounds to me like she doesn't LIKE to be wet or "dirty"...which means that she is NOT too young to sart training!!! She will probably be GLAD!!! My granddaughter started showing the same signs , but because my daughter in law read "the books" and thought she was too young..but she agreed to let me "try" to start training her, as long as there was no "pressure" put on the baby...well... I bought her CLOTH training pants...and explained to her what was going on...and from THAT moment on....SHE GOT IT!!! Some children just HATE diapers (who could blame them...would you want that thick, soggy thing on your bottom all the time?!?) I am not saying that there were no accidents...but she REALLY wanted to stay dry, and that was her motivation!!! She was completely potty trained and sleeping dry all night long, and by 20 months..she replaced her thick cloth underwear for REGULAR THIN little girl "undies" !!! She was SO proud and so was grandma, mommy and daddy!!!!

    The main thing with training them is that once you start...you must be consistent!!! It is a bother for you...but you MUST run with them and quickly set them on their potty at first, to help them get the idea because they are so young...but you will soon learn "the look" that your child will get that will only mean one thing... "POTTY TIME" It will not take long for her to recognize the "urge" to go and it will be "smoothe sailing" after that!!!

    Yes...she is ready...are YOU???

    Then...get ready...get set.... GO POTTY!!!!

    Good luck!

    ps...AS far as the todler bed is concerned...just make sure you or your husband take her to potty before you put her down for the night...also first thing in the morning potty first...limit her drinking to just her cup of milk before bed....and she will be able to make it through the night...the pull ups to sleep in will be good to prevent the bedding from getting wet...but if I know "your girl" (like I knew my girl lol!) ...IF she wets in her sleep...the training pants WILL come off, just like the diapers...so be sure and check on her before you go to bed, as I'm sure you already do!!! llol!

    "Santa" may want to bring her the bed for Christmas...be sure at this young age to ALSO buy the side rails...they will give her that extra feeling of security the "rails" on her crib do!!! A "big girl" deserves a "big girl bed!"

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    She is showing signs that she is ready to potty train. She knows when she is wet or dirty bc she pulls the diaper off. Start taking her to the post once an hour or so, before you leave home, go to bed, take a nap, eat, sleep etc. You can get a seat that sits on your toilet or a seperate potty chair. She is not too young to start this and I don't think a crib has anything to to with it. I think girls are faster here than boys.

    Source(s): Mother of 5...training my last one now.
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    I completely understand your frustration, but there is no need to feel bad or stressed out over it. There is something that many parents do not realize when it comes to potty training: A child needs to be ready on three different levels to successfully potty train, and those three levels are: --The child must be physically ready (their bladder and bowel muscles have to be developed enough, and every child is different, so some are ready before others) --The child must be physiologically ready (the bladder or bowels send out a message to the brain through neurons, and the brain has to properly receive those neurons, and then properly translate their message) --The child must be psychologically ready (many do not realize that diaper changing time is a private one-on-one time between a parent and a child, and a child sometimes is not ready to give that up). The point is this: When your child is ready, they will embrace potty training, and until then, no matter what methods you use, your child will not be completely receptive to taking that big step. Just keep on it (by asking the child every so often "do you gotta go potty?" so they can learn to identify when they might have to go), but don't worry-- your child will potty train when he is ready. Remember, this is quite normal, and many, MANY parents go through the exact same frustrations.

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    Times are set so that you sort of know when to do things with a kid. If she is showing signs of knowing she doesnt want to be messy then put her on the potty while she is stripping. She just might make the connection. Some kids are quicker than others. Its worth a try. And as far as the crib? If she listens and knows not to go near things then try it. There are all kinds of beepers and moniters you can buy to keep an eye on her. I took the side off of my son's crib and tried that. It worked. Then I got him a bed. Some kids are just ready earlier.

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    She is only taking them off when there messy right? Well then she doesn't like to be messy. You can train her fine,it that is what you want to do I am shure it will work out. All of my sisters were fully trained under 2 but one child. It took her tell 2 and 1\2 years. You should do what you want to.

    Good Luck!

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    Let her try. If she wants to potty train which it sounds like then no it is not too young. the worst that is going to happen is an accident no big deal and remember do not yell when they have an accident no matter the age that is going to happen good luck

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    if she doesnt like to get her hands dirty get them dirty in the diaper after she messes... she will need to be independant to go to the bathroom to go or there will be accidents... so yes a toddler bed.....17 months for a girl is a little young ... put the diaper on backwards

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    you can start to potty train and at night time use pull ups that way maybe she wont be able to pull them off and they have night time ones good luck

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    Go ahead and try. I don't think she is too young, my son was about the same age, and was very successful at it.

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    it is too soon for potty training but try pull ups

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