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I'd LOVE to see an 'intelligent liberal' answer this one ...... .......?

What are the PUBLICLY STATED goals of Radical Islam ??


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    "Intelligent liberal"... isn't that an oxymoron?

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    There is no single organization of Radical Islam. There are many different groups associated with label, and those groups have conflicting goals. For example, al Qaeda is largely a Sunni group, whereas the fundamentalist Iranian regime is Shiite. These two groups, however, are at war with each other, especially in Iraq. So there isn't any single document of the publicly stated goals of radical Islam.

    In general, their publicly stated goals revolve around getting non-Muslims out of Muslim lands, especially the holy sites in places like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

    They also want to see the sharia law established in Islamic states. That means a religious nation without separation of church and state, rejection of equality between men and women, and traditional punishments for crimes.

    Some go further and wish to establish an Islamic Caliphate, essentially bringing the entire world under a single ruler.

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    Concerning RADICAL Islam, they are against Judeo-Christianity and the Western world civilization. Radical Islam, emphasis on Radical as usual, will do anything to get rid of it including terrorist attacks. Radical Islam indeed hates everything about the United States and similar cultures, such as those of Europe. That's Radical, let me repeat, RADICAL Islam. Neutral Islam has assimilated into whatever cultures they have. There are much more facets concerning any religion than can apparently traffic through you feeble little mind. So unless you can think outside of "Christians good, ragheads bad", then you need not ask questions like this.

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    According to fundamentalist Islam (or, radically conservative Islam), sacred texts such as the Quran should be lieterally interpreted, and the correct practice of Islam should rely solely on the Quran, Hadith (or, traditions about Muhammed's life) and Sunnah (or, the Muslim way of life by imitating Muhammed). Islamic fundamentalists reject secular society and authority, and believe that secularism is the root of all evil in this world. They wish to destroy secular authority and establish an Islamic state, a theocracy, with no religious freedom, inequality between men and women, and suppression of "anti-Islamic" thought and speech. Islamic fundamentalist favor a literalistic adherence to Sharia law and harsh punishment for those that violate those laws.

    Interpretation-based and progressive (or radically liberal) Islam is based on interpreting Islamic religious texts such as the Quran from a personal standpoint. They seek to reform and re-interpret Islam in a more pluralistic fashion, including an embrace of secular culture, equal rights for women, a stance of non-violence and tolerance by interpreting jihad as an inner spiritual struggle rather than an armed conflict, and a more critical examination of Islamic texts.

    Which radical branch of Islam were you referring to?

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    "Radical Islam" is not a single entity, and statements by people associated by observers/commentators with "radical Islam" vary widely.

    You might be looking for Milestones, by Osama bin Laden's spiritual idol - I'm not sure how else to express the relationship - Al Shaheed Syed Qutb of Egypt. Qutb called for a struggle similar in scale and scope to the Marxist view of dialectical materialism. That is, he argued that the victory of Islam over the hearts of all humans was inevitable, and that his generation played a key role in it. It's very disturbing stuff, especially considering what it inspired.

    You might be thinking of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. He spoke and acted against foreign influences in Iran, and enacted a theocratic state, hostile to Western influences and obviously to the West - us. He initiated a frightening reign of religious extremism in Iran, from which a number of my friends fled.

    You might be thinking of the Muslim Brotherhood, mainly in Egypt, which is very critical of and has been suppressed by the Egyptian government. One recent statement (Nov. 17, 2006) by the Chairman (!) of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Mahdi Akef - if the website claiming to be the English language organ of the MB is to be believed - calls for tolerance of religious difference in the pursuit of bringing all of the world to Islam.

    I'm not sure how those are compatible goals, and I recall that four MB members assassinated Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat. (I actually retrieved the newspaper that day for my parents - I think I was 9 years old - and the 128-point red headline kind of left a mark in my memory: "SADAT IS DEAD".) I'm, not sure I trust the Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood any farther than I could throw him.

    OK, wise guy. You made a petulant and small minded stab at your fellow citizens, and maybe now you'd like to answer the question for everyone's benefit. Or do you not believe in raising the level of dialogue?

    Source(s): Qutb: Khomeini: conversations with Iranians in the United States over 20 years; also see Muslim Brotherhood at the Federation of American Scientists: Muslim Brotherhood in its own words:
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    Funny, I can't find any particular groups that call themselves "Radical Islam," any more than I can find any specific church or organization that calls itself "Christian Right".

    You'll have to be more specific, because there are many groups that we westerners consider to be "radical Islam" that have conflicting or opposing goals - all fueled by differing geographic, economic, ethnic and racial factors.

    To lump them all together into some simplistic mismash is exactly why conservatives fail so miserably at dealing with the problems we're having.

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    Last time I answered this same question, my answer was removed. My guess is you want nothing of the sort. So here goes...You are right! And smart! And nobody has a comeback for you. Man you are cool! How do you even have debates with people when you are always so right all of the time! Stupid baby killing tree hugging terrorist sypathizing democrats. They should all move to another country!

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    To get the West out of Islamic States.

    To get rid of Israel.

    To promote Islam as the dominate world religion.

    That being the case...why are we in Iraq?

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    Answer: No.

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    Those who practice radical islam do not publicly state their goals.

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    is radical islam a term that has a definite definition? or just a label u prescribe to whomever u choose?

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