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How to ask for a car?

okay so my dad was going to by me a car but then I told him my mom was looking for a new one (for her though)so he assumed that she was giving me hers since it was pretty new anyways , my parents are divorced and its hard to talk to my dad about certain things some times, so how do I ask for a car W/O sounding spoiled or ungratefull


see I m 17 and have a job and my dads wealthy

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    If you are old enough to own and drive a car, you are old enough to get a job and buy one for yourself. If you have to work for it, you will appreciate it more and take better care of it. Also, if you own a car, you should work so you can pay your own insurance and buy your own gas, tires, and pay for any repairs.

  • Buying a car is a big deal for parents expecial single parents! If he is oviously thinkging about getting you one anyways ..... right?!? Just say it like this "dad the other day you might have thought i was talking about mom was buying me a car but she ment for her self she could buy me a car or i could have her old one if it is to much trouble i understand b/c buying a car is a big step & it cost alot of money but if you still are offering i would like to sit down & talk about it & agree on a resonable priced car with you!" so hope i was at least a little help! GOOD LUCK! :)

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    what i did was really nerdy but it worked my parents loved it...... i made a power point presentaion with facts about why its a good idea to get teens cars and shot a really funny movie with my bf parents were really suprised that i put so much work into it

    another idea would be to work to help pay 4 ur car

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