What do you think about religious diversity being taught in school?

With all this talk about diversity, I wonder why religious diversity is being shunned. Well, I know why, but I had an idea. Instead of having a winter party in dec. at school, so as not to offend anyone supposedly, why couldn't we just make it a learning time about diversity. Let all the kids share how they celebrate or don't celebrate this time of year. If kids have totally different holidays, let them share at those times. Wouldn't educating them be better than ignoring and hiding everything from them? I mean, it seems that you're teaching athiesm otherwise. This is a big reason I would choose not to put my kids in public school. I would appreciate any thoughts on this.


Obviously A Mercer is very intolerant and doesn't wish to be educated on other ideas.

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  • lily
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    1 decade ago
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    that is a good idea.that way maybe kids would be tolerant of other peoples religions and not hate other kids because they are christians jews,muslims etc,maybe in future generations we could all get along and look past others beliefs

  • 1 decade ago

    What about the kids who do not celebrate anything and do not want any part of your program? Do you fail them? Kick them out of school?

    What about a kid who is athiest and feels that is her own business and not the school's? Do you kick her out of school because she refuses to share her beliefs?

    The school is not teaching athiesm. It is not standing around saying there is not a god. It is leaving the religion to the personal choices of the students and their families.

    Why do you have to make other people observe your religion? Some people do not want any part of it. No part at all. Yet you want to make them sit around and hear about your religion. Force it down their throats. Fine, what about when the athiest presentation comes about and starts to show the lack of evidence for a god and the discrepencies of the bible and the absurdities of the bible? Would you sit there smile and take it? I bet not. You would start to debate the kid and want to change his or her mind. Show them that they are wrong. In fact, I would be suprised if the school allowed the atheist presentation.

    What about a satanist kid who wants to show off the ceremonies and symbology? The kid who claims to be the exact opposite of what you believe? Would you sit there and enjoy it? Would you let this kid have the same amount of time and presentation space as a christian kid?

    What about a religion that is not present at the school? Lets say there is no Hindu students, do you have Hindu presenters? If so, then you have to allow every single religion in that wants in. To do anything less is discrimintory.

    What about a wiccan? The bible says, "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live". You are commanded by the bible to kill this kid once he/she tells you about being a witch.

    Fine, put your kids in a private school that will alter their education to match their religion. Then find a college to match it as well. You can't let them go out and learn real science, might upset the illusion.

    In response to your addition.

    Hey, I am pointing out the problems with your idea. Your only comeback it that I am intolerant of others beliefs. Fine, come back with how you would address these problems that I have pointed out. How would you handle the kid who wants to talk about satanism and how that is a fine and wonderful religion? I would think that you would a. suppress his presentation, b. let the audience leave for his presentation, or c. try to change the kids mind and not let him have his belief.

    How would you handle these problems I put forth?

  • corbo
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    4 years ago

    I went too the two , a public college, and additionally a private college, so I have been given the suitable and the worst of the two and that i will permit you already know from adventure that what I discovered in inner maximum school replaced into hugely greater suitable to that of the wide-unfold public college. I especially enjoyed the Bible training. It gave me an fairly employer foundation for existence interior the 'real' international. I latter went to college, and college, the place i got here upon very few that even knew what the Bible says or maybe had a archives of who God is and what He needs from us. Their lack of understanding replaced into exceptional, no i replaced into no longer a Bible 'thumper', and that i did poorly in evolution training and Paleontology, those have been attempting circumstances for me, the instructors did no longer like me interior the least, especially whilst i might blow them out of the water with the info and not the suppositions that they've been attempting to coach. I held onto my faith with on a regular basis bible learn and prayer.

  • AnnieD
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    1 decade ago

    I would love to see Cultural diversity taught in primary schools!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it should be taught. Kids should know they are more than one type of religion and race. I live in a very white Christian community, but I wish I had been more "exposed" to different people.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think that religious diversity being taught in schools are wrong and good because if you look at it you can practice your religion at home or at church. but if you can't reach that church parents would perfer it to be done at or in school thank you thats all i have to say on that i could put more but my brain isn't working

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Religion shouldnt be taught in school at all. They should be taught morals without using obviously fake storys to scare em into stuff.

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