Ideas for decorating my kids room?

I have a girl that is 7 and a lil boy that is 5 I want to decorate there room nicely. They share rooms and one is always asking for princesses and they boy for superman, star wars. its not far to neither of them if I choose one or the other. I need some suggestions.

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    Here are some suggestions for you. If it is possible dividing the room evenly. Then first painting the girls room pink with stencils or Princessy decorations. (If you live by a Dollar Tree you could find a lot of things there for girls and the last time I was there they had a Princess Sign for a can't beat that. If your on a budget. Also Claire's Boutique has stuff always on sale and they have Princess stuff.) For the boy you could paint his side red and blue and you could find cheap decorations or material at Wal-Mart. And Dollar General. They both have SuperMan and Star Wars memorbilia there.(I know Superman for sure..not too sure about Star Wars. Sorry) At wal-mart they also have Organizers that have Superman and Disney Princesses Theme on them....I think those are about $30.00 each., but they might or might now be on sale. Also, if they want to kind of have a blocker in the middle...if you could put up a long sheet/patter dividing their rooms that would would look very neat. Right now that is all I can think of. But those were just off of the top of my head. Let me know if you need any other suggestions. I hope this helps.

    Source(s): I love Walmart and Dollar General and Claire's. I love a bargain. :)
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    I thinking "woods" .. or "jungle" theme. Then your princess can imagine she is in her forrest off from her castle, and the young superman or star wars can imagine he's standed on some jungle planet somewhere... I did my son's room in a jungle type theme. I painted the wall with a textured green paint I got at home depot and put in some fake fica trees, and even got an old tree trunk and put it in the corner so it looks like a tree is growing through the floor (stole that idea from trading spaces) anyway, we made his bed into an army bunker and the kid loves it. When he's older, the green wall paint is a nice shade so it will be fine for him in high school, and the fake trees and brown "sandbag" pillows are easy to remove.

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    Try what my parents did:

    Paint the walls bright yellow. On one wall, your accent wall, paint three borders around the perimeter of the wall: blue, pink, and aqua. In those same colors ask your kids to use their hand prints to "paint" the inside of the border and as a wall border in the middle of the wall.

    This project can get EVERYONE involved.

    Basically, instead of trying to paint the room in a way that will satisfy both your son and daughter's likes and dislikes, try a neutral palate that they both can enjoy. If you stay away from the princesses and Superman/Star Wars, you're going to get further with less arguments.

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    I think you can do both in a really nice way!

    You can get framed prints to go over their beds, one princess print over your daughter's bed, and either a really nice vintage superman print or a star wars poster over your son's bed.

    Their beds can be matching quilts, but you can accessorize with princess and superman pillows, dolls, etc. The room can be done in neurals, oatmeal walls, carpet, with blue or red window treatments. Princesses can wear red!

    That's just an idea so the children can easily grow with the room when they get tired of the princesses and superman/star wars.

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    You can split the room in half giving each child two walls, paint them the coordinating colors to go with their things. Than decorate their side to the theme they like.

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    Yah. Let them help pick it out and then help with the decorating. They will like it a million times more if they have a say in it.

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    omg that's illegal in some places. boys and girls aren't suppose to sleep in one room, separate beds or not. where i'm from, the parents can get their kids tooken away like snap. uhm anyways, it would be real cool if u separated their rooms and paint one side pink/blue/purple and the other side maybe red/blue/etc. and get boarder maybe? and things that you can stick on the wall of the characters, posters maybe. rugs, etc.

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    check out this site is has really good kids furniture and the prices are very cheap. and you can get it in your kids favorite prints like superman and prinsesses. hope this helps

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    You need primer. BTW don't paint it pink... they are going to grow up and your going to have to paint it all over again

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    if they share the same room, you got to choose both..

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