So John Kerry insults our troops and then goes and tries to appease Syria?

And this scum bag almost became president? Those libs continue to impress me, I might vote democrat...ha!

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    So let's see, your name is "Libs are nerds." Yeah, you really want to be taken seriously, don't ya? I mean, sure, you'll have plenty of support from people as ignorant as you are, but trust me, it means nothing. Incidentally, in case you weren't aware, MOST Americans voted Democratic in the last election, precisely because the current breed of GOP proved itself to be so grotesquely incompetent and corrupt. So keep talking about John Kerry. You Limbaugh-cultists really ARE his biggest fans.

  • 4 years ago

    I dont have faith it became a humorous tale yet I do accept as true with what he mentioned......he became truthful and the majority can't cope with the fact they somewhat be in denial. enable breakdown what he mentioned....."while you're taking benefit of it and you learn no longer difficulty-free and you do your homework and you're making an attempt to be smart, you're able to do properly. in case you do no longer you get caught in Iraq," ....what he's saying that in case you supply your self strategies then Iraq WONT be your in basic terms selection. this is the clarification maximum infantrymen connect the army interior the 1st place....Do they deliver recruiters to Yale, Harvard, Howard, and so on. No they deliver them to destructive communities, the place people dont have plenty danger of a brighter destiny. Kerry misplaced credit with me for the easy fact ...he backpedal and attempt to play it off as a "humorous tale" whilst the fire have been given too warm as a replace of status up and protecting the fact. understanding that Bush and his administration needed any danger to bounce on the Democrats to camouflage all the destructive exposure the Republicans been getting for the final countless weeks, Kerry would desire to have stated his opinion very sparkling so as that there does no longer be any misinterpretation.

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    You are being selective with your interpretation of Kerry's "insults" to our troops. Oooops! Your bias is showing!

    If you get the full story, you'll see that Kerry misspoke (Does Bush ever do that?), and unintentionally altered how the barb was perceived.

    As for his Syria visit, it is obvious to anything more than the most casual observer that Syria (and Iran) are major influences in the region. If we're going to get out of the predicament in Iraq, we have to engage the neighborhood powers. We don't have to support or even like them, but we must know them.

    edit: The former Democratic presidential candidate underlined that he was not engaging in negotiations with Damascus. "Talking to somebody is not rewarding their behavior. I have no illusions about our differences with these countries ... and nothing in the discussion is based on trust," said. "But you cannot get to (action and verifiability) without setting up the modalities. So you have to engage in some dialogue."

    "Now that the Democrats are in control of Congress, we have an even larger responsibility to set a direction ... as a counterbalance to policies that have gotten us into trouble," he said.

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    I was blown away at how little the media covered Kerry's appalling comments, yet when the media twists and contorts something Bush says completely out of context, they tear him a new one. Die Kerry Kerry, die die. LOL

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  • 1 decade ago

    We should put Kerry and Hilary together in a boat without oars and drop them in the Persian Gulf.

  • 1 decade ago

    All I have to say is ur a **** and im not a democrate.If you can see from my name were I'm from you would know that. But you're probabaly a large percentage of americans who don't even own a passport. Have you actually ever seen anything except a map of the USA

  • and shitbag bush killed 600,000 innocent Iraqi civillians in an invasion of a country that had nothing to do with Iraq. He sent over 3000 soldiers to thier deaths for nothing and over a lie.

    Kerry tries to use a diplomatic approach instead of attacking countries for the fun of it like shitbag bush. Bush is a man, boy i mean, who hides behind christianity for the sole purpose of gaining votes from backward southerners.

    Our only useful purpose for them are bodies for the battlefield in some illegally invaded and occupied country.

    He and the government he leads until january 1st dont give one ounce of thought to the american people.

    We are obsolete to these business men.

  • I don't know why, but here goes...The joke was poor in all respects and was directed at the President, NOT at the troops. The right has twisted it to imply he was speaking about the troops, which is just not true.

  • Jon J
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    1 decade ago

    Amazes me when little boys challenge men who have gone to war,

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Are any republicans going to Syria???

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