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How can I get rid of all my beliefs???

I want to get rid of my belief that there is a god and there isn't a god

I want to get rid of everything I believe in! i.e. religion, limiting beliefs, etc. stuff like that

How can I do this? what is the best way to do it?


I have priiiiiiide arhahhhhhhhhh!

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    The best thing you can do is to understand where your beliefs came from.

    Learn your own hermeneutics and then you can change your beliefs. Once you know the origin of your beliefs it becomes much easier to unlearn what you have come to accept.

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    Endure. If you live long enough, your beliefs are bound to change. I grew up in a fundamentalist evangelical family and was taught that God was out to get me and everyone I loved. By the time I was a teenager, I knew I had to stop believing in God to stay sane, but I just couldn't shake a belief that had been pressed upon from the time I was born. I spent decades trying to believe in a just, caring God and trying to find a religion that was actually a force for good in the world rather than an excuse for hatred, prejudice and intolerance. Even though I met people that I immensely respected who were very religious and were still kind, charitable and non-judgmental, I couldn't believe in their God. My God, handed down to me by my parents and grandparents, was a son-of-a-*****. A few years ago, when I was in my early 40's, I realized that I really didn't believe in God anymore. I didn't believe that bad things happened in my life because I had sinned in my heart, or in other places. I also didn't believe that some omnipotent deity was looking out for me, and designing a purpose for my life, but then I had never believed that particular myth anyway. I know religious people would never understand this feeling, but no longer believing in God has given me a tremendous sense of peace. Be good to yourself and others. Outlast the bastards and just by enduring, you'll find your true self and your true beliefs.

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    Read recent and current philosophy writers, especially if they infuriate you. Realize that you will feel that way at first, but keep reading until you understand their thought so well that you know exactly where they are coming from and how they might be correct. Then read others on the same subject, but differ from the first. Keep doing this and you will develop and open mind toward things. It is best when you discover something that you totally don't agree with, and stick with it until you see the point they are making.

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    By seeing through your ego (image-self) or personality. You may do this by confronting, penetrating, understanding and resolving each moment (thought-emotion-action) that you live. Paying constant attention to what you are actually doing this moment will give you repeated insight into your actual Being. Changes will follow automatically. Thus you will discover that one doesn't have to hold on to any beliefs but just live life as it actually is (happens).

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    Why would you want to do that? It is impossible. You have to believe something. If you think that there is nothing beyond what you can see, then that is your belief.

    My belief is that God created the world in perfection. Part of that perfection was the free choice that He gave to man. Unfortunately, man abused that choice and became sinful. Out of love, God sent His Son to die for us and take away our sins. Now, if we ask Him, we can have everlasting life with Him in heaven.

    That's what I believe.


    What do you believe?

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    One possible way - get power. Either through acquiring money or through politics. Once acquired, you will have a new set of beliefs, possibly replacing the old ones.

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    You must totally believe in yourself without relying upon others, nature or any other. You must be self-reliant thinking of self only.

    What a total waste of a life! Never enjoying all the beauty of this world has to offer.

    I would rather believe in something or someone than not to believe in anything.

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    The only way to get rid of all beliefs is to acquire true knowledge. Knowledge is The fire that burns out all beliefs and disbelief.

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    You inherit your beliefs from childhood and your up bringing from your parents and other infuential people in your life. KNOWLEDGE is and study...

    I find it MORE interesting as to WHY you want to quit BELIEVING>>>> What has caused it??

    This is probably the question you need to answer for your self... If there is no underlying reason...and it is strictly for "enlightning" then start reading and studying to find your OWN answers.

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    That's impossible. You can meditate and temporarily leave all that behind. But not permanently.

    Look into ignosticism (yes I spelled it correctly). maybe that's what you seek.

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