time to move on?

i live in ks and im wantin to move out in a few months any suggestion ideas or tips, plz serious answers


i want somewhere cheap but nice, me and my gf are movin together and we dont have very much money, we want to stay close to our familys though

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    i agree with the Z guy...oklahoma is one of the cheapest places to live in the united states and it isn't far from KS....i work at a real estate office, i'm an assistant but i can tell you that i know the statistics and right now cost of living here is very low....i don't know your price range but you can build a brand new home for 100,000...or cheaper....the buy an older home, you will find everything....just stay away from north tulsa....you can find homes the same price but better area...Broken Arrow, OK is a cheaper, more comfortable place to live and its right outside of tulsa....no where you go in tulsa is more that 15 min.s away...its a very easy city to get around in....good luck and if you have any questions let me know :)

    Source(s): cbtulsa.com, www.state.ok.us....look into it
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    Depends on what you want. Are you looking for city environment or small town feel? Do want four seasons or warm climate? Do you have a family .....if so, good school area is important!! Be a little more specific....so I can help more.

    If not, Fort Myers, FL is a beautiful and growing town.

    Good luck

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    Organize and make list's of items you want to take with you. Label boxes as you pack them. You will think yourself in the unpacking process. Also when you finally get to wherever you go. Take the time, a weekend or however long, to unpack everything. Nothing worse then sitting in your new place 6 months later with items still in boxes.

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    Well Do You Have a plan

    but i would recomend an apartment first to get you started then get a job and then just go from there good luck and it depends how old you are..

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    Try north carolina

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Start packing early.

  • Z
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    1 decade ago

    oklahoma is nice,. and not too far away,.. and cost of living isnt bad either

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