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is this really true???

over the weekend i found out there might be a no time limit on pressing charges and getting justice on being sexual abuse victims, so i thinking maybe but it was one way but was sure if i could because of the length of time since it happen


i mean like in new york state

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    My wife & I found out our daughter was abused when she was 5 by a babysitter, who was a minor at the time of the abuse, but an adult when it was discovered. When we/she made the police report, we were told that probably not much would happen due to adult couldn't be tried as a minor. Nice kid (or so we thought), family friend, church member...all the right signs. I'm not sure that "justice" will ever be served, but that doesn't mean that closure can't be found. While he denied to the police ever being at our house...ever. What he doesn't know or fogot, is that I have the cancelled check, made out to him, with the comment "For Childcare/Babysitting Services" and dated the same day as the abuse, and signed by him for cashing purposes.

    My daughter's still working her way through this, and is getting better all the time. When she is ready to follow-up, her intent is to take him to civil court and sue his butt off.

    And, it hasn't been easy for him in some areas either. My daughter tracked him down and actually called his wife and explained everything that happened...and the wife confirmed it with the police about the initial reposts...him being picked out of a lineup (from unmarked high school yearbooks...with all names covered)...she's made life interesting for him at home.

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    All you can do is go to the police and find out. But it probably won't stick since you've waited so long. They want you to tell immediately so that they can do a rape test on you. Since it's been that long it would be your word against theirs and the DA might not even have enough evidence to charge them with anything without any proof.

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    theres a time limit. you were mis informed. im not sure actually how long its a little over 10 yrs. i could be wrong but there is a time limit

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    ok i'm not understanding your question are you saying you were sexually abused. Or that you sexually abused someone. If you were abused i say report it get that sick b*stard put away.

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    i dont think its true but i could be wrong. i never heard about it though

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