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Why are Cowboys Fans such arrogant jack*sses!!!?

CAN SOMEONE ANSwer that for me?

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    Everyone is jealous that we have T.O. and you know it.. lol

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    Every team has good fans and jerks. There's not one team that is exempt from that. Just as in everyday life some people are cool and others act like *******. I don't see where you come off that all Cowboys fans are jacka sses. Football is America's sport and the Cowboys are the most recognized team in the league whether they are winning or not. So obviously you are going to be exposed to more jerks because there are more of them. But I know alot of other teams that act just as stupid.

    So in short, deal with it haters. The Cowboys have always been and always will be Americas Team, The Worlds Team, and God's favorite team.

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    actual followers are advantageous of their communities. it extremely is not a criminal offense. as properly the gamers acting on the sphere, opposing perspectives from followers approximately opposing communities is what makes this game so remarkable. it would be somewhat boring if anybody had the comparable perspectives. The Cowboys have been categorised usa's team returned interior the 70's, it extremely is portion of the Cowboys' background and it will constantly be a component of the Cowboys. all people who labels yet another team 'usa's team' is in simple terms copying the label from the Cowboys because of the fact they might't arise with a greater word for their team. because of the fact i'm keen on the Cowboys, i visit constantly be against whomever is enjoying against them. it extremely is in simple terms the way it is going.

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    Amen Brosef;

    It's because most Dallas Cowboys fans aren't even from Dallas.

    Their real hometeam is sorry and they jumped on the Bandwagon in the 90's.

    It's a legion of insecure fans. Think about it.

    I doubt I have to tell you what team I love

    Here's a hint:

    Burgandy and Gold Baby.

    Need a stocking stuffer??? See my source for more info on this topic, very educational..

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    Every team has a few jack *ss! TayLee's answer sums it all up for you, the reason some of them are jack*sses is beacuse they dont have any BRAINS!!As for "TAY LEE", no one is pissed off cause yall have T. O. You act like he is on the same level as L.T(chargers). You have someone on your team who falls asleep at meetings, overdoses on pain medication, yells at your coach or quarterback when he doesnt get ball thrown to him, and then drops them when they are thrown to him, ...need i say more... You can keep T.O he is more of a problem then an advantage!! Wait til you play the Eagles, and watch what kind of cry baby he becomes...I dont think Bill Parcells even wants T.O anymore!!!

    Dont misunderstand me, T. O has skills, but he has more drama than skills these days!!

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    Because of the 40 past Super Bowls, Dallas has appeared in eight. That's 20% in case your having trouble w/ your arithmetic as well as your perception. And in the event that your team doesn't have a ring (yes, I'm looking at you Philly), it's okay we've got five. Now tell me, would an arrogant jack*ss be so willing to share?

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    I didn't know we were! We are the nicest people in the world if people would just face the fact that we have a pretty good team this year. But I guess it takes an arrogant jack@ss to know one.

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    I think like any other fans they have the jackasses and they have the respectful fans but every fan at some point gets loud and obnoxious against certain teams or players.

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    Hey booby, we're really sorry the Cowboys are better than whatever team you are a fan of. Don't be so ashamed of your team that you wont let us know who it is...coward.

    Oh and wtackitt, it's STEERS you qu##r

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    if u think that about the cowboys, u havent seen the eagles....

    they r the king of jacksasses.

    dallas over philly.......

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    Because they haven't done nothing since the mid 90's and Can't beat any of the AFC playoff teams in th superbowl!!!!

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