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I would like to know how to color dark hair with grey to blonde without bleaching or coloring the dark hair.?

I like the hair the dark red color it normally is now...no color put on. The deal is I have a lot of grey hair (white) coming in at a young age that pops out alot. I was considering playing with the grey color a little as long as I do not change the other color. I would love to change the grey to blonde highlights but I cannot change or bleach the rest of the hair color. My color does not go any where lighter but red. The sun on my hair turns it red. Is there any blond color that does not bleach any hair? I have considered maybe using red but my hair is red enough. I would love blond color instead of white. Help.


Sorry, should have been more specific. I do not want to go dark brown and then in a month have the grey hair show up at the roots. At least if it was blond or a light color the roots will not show as bad as fast.

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    me personally would say to take the gray to a dark brown because in order to make it a blond you would have to bleach it and then tone it to a blond i know because i am currently in beauty college.

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    your hair is alot darker than blonde, and also you dont recognize what's going to ensue in case you dye it your self out of a field. If it is your first drastic substitute of hair colour, i propose going to an rather salon and getting it carried out, because they're educated to carry close what they're doing. also because you do have darkish brown hair, im guessing your epidermis tone, is amazingly tan, and getting a bright blonde, or any blonde at that, would in certain circumstances look very unattractive on darkish human beings. So your perfect guess may nevertheless be to flow to a stylist, and they could also provide you with thoughts on your next colour, and propose you on what may be best for you. you dont opt for to ruin your hair, by technique of doing it your self, and all field-dyes have some style of bleaching-agent in them, and are in many cases risky on your hair by technique of going to a salon, you may someitmes get organic and organic hair dye, and it in many cases alot more beneficial healthy at the same time as carried out wisely, plus at the same time as you're there you may also get different issues carried out desire this helped! sturdy success!

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