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What is the correct way to apply makeup? What comes first?

So I grew up without a sister or close female friends. And my mom hardly wears makeup. My skin is very uneven and I've tried different makeups with no avail. The makeup either wears off and I'm left with nothinig at the end of the work day or it looks too powdery. So what comes firs? Foundation, right? And then what?!


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    This is way i put my makeup on...

    1. lotion

    2. foundation

    3. concealer(if you need it)

    4. powder

    5. blush

    6. lip stick

    I would suggest getting almay. It works good and is good for your skin.

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    here is how I do it...

    1. Moisturizer, this makes your face smooth and it is easier to apply make up evenly. Try to find an oil free one

    2. Liquid Foundation- Use a foundation brush, start from your nose and go outward. This will help with the powdery look.

    3. Conceler- if needed, brush on and blend with finger tip

    4. Powder- Use a brush- it is much easier and looks smoother.

    5. Blush- Roll brush in blush and then smile, apply on the apples of your cheeks.

    6. Eye Shadow and Mascara.

    7. Lipstick (optional)

    I learned these tricks at a makeup counter. Many places in the mall will give you a free consultation. Thier tips are really helpful! Try the perscriptives counter at belk, they are great!

    Also, don't buy the cheapest makeup- I use the Loreal True match- It lasts all day and is oil-free, It isn't expensive, but there are cheaper ones that don't work as well.

    Also make sure you are using a good makeup remover at night. This can make a huge difference in your skin and how the makeup goes on.

    GOOD LUCK!- I'm 23 and I am just now learning the make up that is right for me. I also grew up in a similar situation.

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    Well, you need to have a clean face. Wash with a mild cleanser, use a scrub to remove dead skin and make skin smooth, use a toner to remove any residue and a apply a light moisturizer...this helps the makeup stay fresher longer.

    The first thing you want to apply is the foundation. Me personally, I like to use the triangle sponges to apply my foundation. It gives you a more natural look. You can also use a foundation brush also. Make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone. A little goes a long way. The way I apply is I put a dot on my forehead, cheek area and on the jawline. Make sure you blend in very well. Second is the concealer. Take a concealer brush and pat onto the blemish(es) that you want to cover. Third is setting the foundation with a powder. I like loose powder but you can use a pressed powder too. Take a powder brush and lightly dust powder on face to set your foundation. Now, you are ready to apply your eye makeup. I don't know if you wear eyeshadow or not but I usually apply a light shadow over the whole lid and then apply a dark shade in the crease and then a light gold on the brow bone to highlight. I like to use kohl liner and then a volumizing mascara. I use a little powder blush on the apples of my cheeks and then swipe on some gloss...I rarely wear lipstick. I've been wearing makeup a long time and a master at applying it. Its takes practice but you will get it.

  • Skincare is always first. The first make-up step is foundation. Then concealer only where you need it and around the eyes. Then lightly powder on top. Next your eyeshadows, crease first, then lid, then brow. Then eyeliner, browliner, then blush, if you use a bronzer, after the blush. Then lipliner, lipstick, and finally mascara. As for uneven skin, just get a good foundation that matches your skin tone and a powder and concealor to match. Try Mary Kay medium coverage foundation. It covers well and smooths the skin beautifully. Also the loose powder and the mk signature concealor or the facial highlighting pen. Click on the link below. Good luck!

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    1.Cleanser goes on first .2.Exfoliate 3.Mask 4. Toner 5. Moisturizer

    Now you start with the makeup










    10 Curl your eyelashes

    11.Put mascara on your eyes

    Viola your done

    Now here are the following tips to do your makeup like an expert

    How to apply concealer

    Dot dot and dot underneath your eye and blend.

    Also heres another tip to help conceal blemishes etc.

    Correction of poor skin tones is achieved by using a correcting make-up base: a mauve base can conceal pale and dull skin tones and brighten the skin.A green base masks red blotches and ruddiness.The under-eye concealer camouflages dark circles under the eye.These correcting bases have to be applied before applying foundation.To improve facial features, use is made of the fact that pale shades lengthen, fill out, and brighten, while dark shades reduce, deepen, darken, and conceal.This form of correcting base is applied after the use of basic foundation.These correcting bases are available as liquids, creams and even as pencils

    How to apply foundation

    Put a little foundation on a makeup sponge (add a complimentary tone if necessary).Dot it over the face-on the nose, the cheeks, the chin and the temples and in between the brows.Using the tips of two fingers or a small clean, dampened sponge(from which excess water has been removed) blend the foundation.Always work from the face outwards, to avoid an accumulation of the foundation around the hairline-move from the cheeks to the ears, from between the brows down over the nose, from the chin out towards the jaw, then onto the neck.Work quickly, carefully and lightly.Blend well around the hairline, on the neck, below the eyes and behind the ears.Also take the foundation over the eyelids.Finally blot the face with a clean dry tissue, pressing it lightly over the skin.

    How to apply blush

    Use the colour on the blush area which is the apples of your cheek which you can find by smiling . This is the part of the face between parallel lines, one extending outward from the corner of your eye and the second from the bottom of your nose.Smile and lightly touch the blusher brush on the fatty part of the cheek and gently brush the blusher toward the temple, making a slight curve.A touch of colour across the forehead and on the chin cometes the look.The cream rouge is applied to the cheeks with the fingertips in small amounts and spread in the desired fashion.The powder blusher is applied with a brush.

    Heres how to apply powder

    Make sure the foundationis well blended.Blot the face lightly with a tissue, especially over the forehead, nose and chin.Pick up the powder on the puff and press it firmly on the face, one area at a time.Don't try to smooth it on by massaging the puff over the face.Now using a soft, thick powder brush, whisk away the excess, with downward movement to stop the powder getting caught in the fine facial hair.

    Heres how to apply eyeshadow

    Using a fine, blunt-ended brush, gently apply the base colour to the entire lid from the inside to the outside corner and from the base of the lashes to the eyelid crease.

    ii.If the eyes need extra definition, a deeper shade is blended into the crease line.This gives depth to the eyes.

    iii.The brow bone is highlighted with a light shade.This gives the eyes a wide, open look.The colour is applied to the most prominent area and blended up towards the brow and down to where the contour curves down, toward the eyelid creases.

    Before using them on the lids, always test the colours on the back of the hand to test the intensity.You can use even 3-4 colours, provided they are blended well.Remember pale tones emphasize, while deep sooty

    Heres how to apply Eyeliner

    Application Technique For The Liquid EyeLiner:

    Test, on the back of your hand, the amount of pressure you should apply.Unless you are a real artist, it is best to steady your elbow on a flat surface.Work from the inside of the eye to the outside corner and keep the line light and even.If you stop at the corner of the eyes, the effect will be round and wide-eyed;if you continue the line and sweep it up and out, you would get a more exotic look.Finally smudge the edges with a cotton bud to soften them.

    Application Technique For The Pencil Eyeliner:

    Pencils can be used in the same manner to define or extend the shape of the eyes, but they give a softer, more natural line.Keep them sharpened and ready for use, as blunted or broken points can spoil the whole effect.

    Heres how to apply Mascara

    For best results, first look down and brush the top lashes from the roots downwards, then look up and brush the top lashes upwards.Then still looking up, brush colour on the lower lashes.Wait for a minute for them to dry, and similarly apply a second coat.Finally brush with a clean dry brush, to separate the lashes.

    How to use an eyelash curler

    Open the curler and place your upper lashes inside its mouth. Close your eye slightly, then open it; all of the lashes should move into the curler's mouth. Always hold the eyelash curler so that the mouth is parallel to your lashes.

    Move the curler closer to the eye until the tool comes to the base of the lashes, but not over the skin of the eyelid.

    : Keep the eye open and slowly close the curler. Your eyelashes should fan out evenly across the upper bar. If at any time you feel pinching, readjust the curler.

    : Hold the closed curler for a slow count of five, keeping your hand and face steady. Repeat for additional volume.

    Source(s): My aunt owns a beauty shop and I work there people come to me for makeup advice all the time ...I'm one of the best consultants there.
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    (1) Cleanse skin

    (2) Moisturized w/ something hypoallergenic...I use Aveeno

    (3) Concealer...under the eyes, on blemishes, anywhere you want to lighten or blend SMALL imperfections without going overboard.

    (3) Foundation...Foundation will help even out your skin tone. If u have sensitive/oily skin use one that's water based like Maybeline Pure...if your skin dries out and is NOT sensitive you could use something that is oil based but I don't recommend it. Powder foundations are good if you have very oily skin otherwise they may make you look chalky. When you use it, apply it all over your face and part of your neck to avoid a line along your jaw. Also, choose a color that is as close to your skin color as possible.

    (5) Eyeliner & Mascara...If your trying not to look like you have a lot of makeup on but still want to use eyeliner and mascara apply eyeliner or dark eyeshadow along your top lash-line only (unless you have extremely light lashes, then you could apply some on the bottom). As far as mascara goes, use an eyelash curler first, sometimes this is enough by itself. But if you are going to use mascara, I would apply some only on the tips of your top lashes for a natural look that makes your eyes pop.

    (6) Eyeshadow...look at some pics of makeup that you like of women with similar complexion or eye color. Apply eyeshadow that works with your skin color as well as your eye color. Neutrals always look good. Blues (if done right) look good on brown eyes. Lilacs (again, if done right) looks good on brown and green eyes.

    (7) Powder...lightly dust (use a brush, not a pad applicator) powder all over your face.

    (8) Blush...Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and a little bit toward your temples. Use a color that gives you a flushed look, not 80s party girl pink.

    (9) Gloss your lips with a complimentary color and your done.

    *Make sure you always carry lip gloss, concealer, and powder with you. Also, these tips are very general so they may need to be tested out and adjusted before wearing it out. Something I would also suggest is going to a makeup counter at a department store and having someone there do your makeup. Even if you don't buy the stuff there, wear the makeup to a store that you like and buy closely matching products.

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    There is no "correct" way to apply make-up. Just have fun, and use products in any order :-) Just use the right products for you skin, including concealer, powder, etc. The best foundation to use on your skin is powder, not cream. If you have light/med skin, you can use med/light lipstick and blush. If you wear contacts/none, exclude mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. They cause infections and attract tons of bacteria! Keeping your eyelashes clean and using an eyelash curler is the best, safest and most natural appearance! Natural beauty is skin deep :-)

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    Facial moisturizer comes first (it might even out your skin tone) then foundation, powder,eyebrow pencil, (when doing eyes, if you are using multiple colors or blending, start from browline and go to eyelash) eyeshadows,eyeliners,mascara,blush and lips!

    I don't use all of thes things. Just remember **less is more** You don't want to look like you have too much on. Focus on accentuating what you like about your face. I use subtle colors for the office and then more dramatic when it's time to go out.

    When you have time, play around with your make-up!


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    Well im not an expert but u apply the base /foundation then rub it in til it is smooth as possible then apply the powder its best to use a brush like a makeup brush and use eyeshadow that brings your eyes out.

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    The order is:

    1) Facial Lotion

    2) Foundation

    3) Concealer)

    4)Eyeliner, Eye powder or smudge, & Mascara.

    5) Lipstick and/or lipbalm

    6) Blush.

    I hope that helps!

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    moisturiser should always come in first, then foundation which you should make sure always blends with your skin. Then eyeshadow always before masacara cuz if u wear the mascara first, you'll have a messy job when trying to apply your eyeshadow, then eyeliner if necessary. And of course the lip liner alway,always come before the lip gloss or lip stick. And sweetie your good to go. and always make sure that your eyeshadow compliments your lip stick.

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