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What do I wear with this top?

I have a red sort of "chiffon-y" top, gathered at the bust with lingerie straps and then it's kind of fitted with a handkerchief hem, lined with polyester fabric. I want to wear it with black pants for Christmas but I'm not sure which style...I have some black knit pants that are flared at the bottom, but because of the fitted style of the top, the "bumps" of the fly and pockets on the pants show through the top. Is this OK? Any suggestions?

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    i think it will look great with mini black skirt and high boots reed or black


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    A cute jean skirt...probably knee length...would go good! Or you could do a fitted jean with heels and a black or jean fitted jacket..That would be soooooo cute!

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    mmmm, I say its not okay, buy some new black plain pants flared or change your top to suit the pants that you have.


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    yea just make sure to button the flaps and make the edges lay down

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    wear a pair of jeans

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