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Does the contraceptive pill give you a false positve on a pregnancy test?

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    No- a contraceptive pill would NOT give you a false positive on a pregnancy test as the pregnancy hormone only occurs if you become pregnant and is not in a pill. If you feel you may be pregnant your best bet is to see your doctor for a blood pregnancy test as this is the most accurate way of testing. If you took a digital pregnancy test and this was positive, it's possible that a false reading occurred as these tests are currently giving out false readings.

    Source(s): I am a nurse for over 21 years
  • MissA
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    It cannot. The only things that can give a false positive on a pregnancy test are

    1) An incomplete miscarriage (HCG levels in the blood stay high for a while after miscarrying)

    2)Drugs, such as those used in IVF, that contain HCG. The birth control pill does NOT contain HCG.

    False positives on a pregnancy test are pretty much nonexistent if you don't read the result too late... usually after 10 minutes.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The general rule is, if it's positive, it's positive...if it's negative, it can still be positive. The test measures the level of the pregnancy hormone in your body. This gets stronger as time goes on, which is why you may get a negative before you get a positive.

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    If a pill is used for contraception then hw it can give false positive test?

    If u know plz explain me....

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    Not likely.

    False positives are rare. False negatives are not. If you had a positive on a pregnancy test, chances are you're pregnant.

    Stop taking your pills and head for your OB/GYN for further assistance.

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    I am thinking you think you may be pregnant could be way off there

    Anyway I do know if you have missed just one of your birth control pills you can get pregnant...they no longer are effective after missing or skipping a pill

    I agree if your on the pill and think you may be pregnant stop taking them and go to your Dr. or to your local Health Dept. tell whats going on have them do a proper test

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    No, current status of pregnancy tests is fairly solid.

    The body produces hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) when pregnant. The hormones in the pill are different. The test used to detect hCG is highly specific.

    Source(s): 8 years working as an ASCP Register Medical Technologist, running tests like this.
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    No, it shouldn't. Most the time when pregnancy test are false, it is a false negitive, not a false positive.

  • Nancy
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    No. Not for my case, at least.

    One time I thought I was pregnant in 1994 and took an EPT twice. Both times it was negative.

    I had been taking the Pill for a year at the time.

    Source(s): Been on the Pill for thirteen years.
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    I've never heard that it can before. If you are pregnant then you have a specific hormone in your body that you can only have if you are pregnant. This is what the test picks up on.

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