calculation for cable sizing between 300AH battery and 200A power plant?

1) How is the connectivity between 2# of 300AH battery and 200A Power plant made?

2) Need to know the cable sizing between battery and power plant.

3)calclation to arrive at the sizing of input cables, output cables and charging cables between battery and power plant

4) Are charging and discharging paths same in the batttery? ie when load is on battery whether the load current flows through the same cable of charging ?

5)A photograph of the system will make me understand the solution better

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  • Ed
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    1 decade ago
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    The battery and power plant statistics do not enter into the calculations.

    I assume that the load is continuous, and the battery is to be continuously trickle charged.

    The power plant will have to deliver the load current and battery trickle charging current, at the voltage necessary to charge the battery.

    You will need to know the load current, the trickle charge current, the distance between the power supply and the battery (or load if you connect directly to it), and the voltage necessary to supply the load and trickle charge the battery.

    The voltage drop will be the total current multiplied by the total circuit resistance. this resistance will be the sum of the individual conductor resistances. As an equation, this is Voltage drop = total resistance times current in amperes.

    The total resistance will be the voltage drop divided by the current.

    Now you know how much resistance you can stand. The National Electrical Code in the US has tables showing the resistances of various sizes of wire, and how much current they are rated to carry. From these, or maybe from you wire supplier, you can find out what size wire you need. It will need to be large enough to supply the voltage and current, and have a rating for at least that much current.

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