Do Christians find these similarities betweenHorus & Jesus amazing?

Conception: via a virgin.

Father: Only begotten son of a god

Foster father:Joseph

Foster father's ancestry: Of royal descent..

Annunciation:By an angel to his mother.

Birth heralded by: A star

Birth announcement:By angels

Birth witnesses:Shepherds.

Later witnesses to birth:Three solar deities/Three wise men.

Death threat during infancy:by Herut/ by Herod

The list goes on and on.

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    hun, u know that the christian faith is nothing but a mock up of many other faiths throught history, such as the norse, egyptian, sumerian religions, as well as hinduism, and some buddhism. so it isnt just jesus and horus, but many others as well.

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    >>>Conception: via a virgin.>>>

    Of course -- Horus' mother (mythologically speaking) was a goddess named Isis.

    Jesus' mother was not a goddess.

    >>>Father: Only begotten son of a god >>>

    Jesus' father was not the son of a god. He was God.

    >>Foster father:Joseph>>

    In Egyptian mythology, Horus' father was named Osiris -- not Joseph.

    >>Foster father's ancestry: Of royal descent..>>

    So? Lots of people are of royal descent.

    >>>Annunciation:By an angel to his mother.>>>

    Of course. How else would the mother believe what was to happen?

    Difference is, Jesus' mother's annunciation was real. And Horus' mythological mother was a goddess, not a human being.

    >>>Birth heralded by: A star>>>

    In an age without electricity, CNN, and Internet, a star was pretty much the big way to do it.

    >>>Birth announcement:By angels>>>

    In Horus' case, this makes sense because his mother was (according to myth) an goddess. Who else but angels would announce such a thing to a goddess -- Don Pardo?

    >>Birth witnesses:Shepherds.>> Pretty common occupation back in those days, so this is hardly surprising.

    >>>Later witnesses to birth:Three solar deities/Three wise men.>>>

    Deities in one case, and men in another -- so why are you counting this as a similarity?

    >>>Death threat during infancy:by Herut/ by Herod >>>

    Kings and rulers back then made death threats all the time. How does this in any way discredit Christianity or the Bible? It doesn't.

    >>>The list goes on and on. >>>

    And you conveniently failed to list anything else on it.


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    Let's look at your assumptions:

    (1) Horus was not "OF" a virgin. The virgin was already NOT a virgin when Horus was conceived.

    (2) Jesus is the wrong analogy. You mean CHRIST is the only begotten Son of God. It's different.

    (3) Foster father as a similarity? Lame.

    (4) Foster father's ancestry? Lame.

    (5) Annunciation. Decent enough analogy. One for you.

    (6) Birth heralded by a star. Your linkage is lame.

    (7) Birth announcement by angels. Good enough. Two for you.

    (8) Birth witnesses: shepherds. Not amazing.

    (9) Later witnesses: Lame-ola analogy.

    (10) Death threat during infancy: Lame. Herod was real. Herut is Isis. Not real.

    (11) "List goes on and on." Lame. The actual CLOSEST analogy is Zoroaster, and even THAT is not close enough.

    Furthermore, your source is Gavin Schmitt. In his website, he even admits that his list, from which you copy almost verbatim, is poorly sourced. Read it for yourself. I just did. Also, he admits that the links between Horus and Jesus are shaky because they draw from DIFFERENT Horus stories, even deities.

    There's a difference between disseminating information, and sowing propaganda.

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    1 decade ago

    nope- not amazing, not even shocking and offensive- the enemy has a cheap counterfeit of everything the one true God has done, there is a counterfeit for everything that is real and true, it takes discernment and understanding to see it

    and BTW- nowhere in the Bib le does it say there were three wise men :)

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  • His step Dad was Joseph too? Wow that guy got cuckolded by God twice!!!

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    Jesus is not the only begotten son of a god. He is the only begotten son of the one and only God. son of any other god means nothing.

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    Preach it brother. I'lladd on for you.

    Lets compare the pagan god Mithra

    Mithra-persian deity of light,war, and sacrifice

    here we go, ahem

    1)birthday was celebrated on DEC 25th (it was a roman emperor who chose to label dec 25th as chritst birthday, to help intergrate christianity and paganism.

    2)Both born of a virgin

    3)Both aquired 12 deciples long their journeys

    4)Mithra was sacrificed to redeem mankind (as told by lore)

    5)The night before mithra died, he gave his twelve deciples a last supper of bread and wine...

    Christianiy is founded on pagan tradition, they should really take time to study us, to learn us,. is like..learning their past.

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    Let's see Horus, never heard of by most people. Jesus, continuing to change the world two thousand years later. One is real, the other is not. I'm staking my life on Jesus. He continues to shape my life every day.

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    Pretty interesting.

    However, I still believe Jesus was the Savior, sorry.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't find them amazing at all.

    But I'm not a Christian.

    If I were I'd be shocked and offended.

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