When do guys and girls grow up and get a clue that they are hurting a relationship?

My girl is 22 and Im 21, she seems to always want my attention focused at her but she doesnt want my immediate attention. She wants to be #1 but not center of everyone. If I say or do something she doesnt like she ignores me like a Im the child. When we have a problem she refuses to talk about it until Im so fed up with trying I dont even care about it anymore, then she wants to write me an email or a note. I've talked to her about how important communication is and opening up to one another if we want the relationship to work and she will then open up by telling me a lot of things she would never want anyone to know in a letter. I tell her we cant be together if we cant work things out and she immediately says fine lets not be together. But then she broke up with me once and woke me up in the middle of the night(long story) to apologize with sex. She is the baby of the family and has had a lot of unfortunate things happen to her but can she grow out of this, I love so much of her.

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    Honestly, I am 39, have lived and loved many times, and feel that I am still learning the art of a perfect relationship. One problem or "quirk" solved, and another will creep up. Relationships seem to be a constant learning experience. An experience that is totally awesome if the two people can learn all of the experiences together without giving up --- which is possible.

    22 is still young, with a lot of learning ahead. I look back at when I was 22 and cannot believe how naive and idiotic I was. I laugh at it now, in disbelief that I did such crazy things in the name of love.

    She'll come around, how soon is the major question. If you truly love her, hang on to her, because true love is very difficult to find.

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  • Disha
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    1 decade ago

    You cannot make person act mature. Being mature comes with experience and has allot to with a person mental response to certain situations. You need to break up with her and do not look back.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is no emergency, she will come eventually.

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