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i have a final in 3 hours, is there anything REALISTIC i can do to get 2 extra days to study and take it later

please help. i put this in the teachers category because i want to know what you as teachers/professors would go for.

p.s. this is for grad school, lol...i think i'm SOL

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    It's pretty extreme, but get some oil of ipecac (something to make you vomit), and take it about five minutes before you go in for the final. Just as the prof is handing out the test, puke all over everything. It's not pretty, but it will probably buy you a couple of days. Eat something colorful just to make it really good.

    As a former grad student myself, I do feel for you.

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    The "incomplete" grade is common in grad school. If you pull off a good excuse, your professor certainly has the ability to put off the test for two days or even six months. But be prepared to take it on the following terms:

    1.) A time chosen by the professor, possibly weeks from now (will you remember everything?)

    2.) A harder test

    3.) No sympathy or "rounding up"

    4.) A damaged reputation within your program, if it's the small, petty sort to pass this information around

    5.) No assumption that you will pass--if this class is a prerequisite for anything you're taking next semester, and you take an incomplete in this class, they will probably drop you from next semester's roll.

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    you in all possibility are SOL and could spend the subsequent 2 and a million/2 hours analyzing and praying. in any different case, call the prof. or the asst. dept. head and tell them you have some style of emergency and ask for an Incomplete. Then make arrrangements to take the examination later. by using fact it particularly is almost Christmas smash, you could ought to take it in January yet it particularly is purely greater time for you. stable success!!!

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    The college likely is going to be closed after today. Not much you can do.

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  • I would call the teacher or go by and talk to them and pretend you are sick. Otherwise, you should've studied sooner! Good luck!

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    try swallowing staples.

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