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How do you get your cat to stop peeing outside the catbox?

My cat is a 2 year old male. He was neutered about a year ago. About 6 months ago, he started peeing in odd places and it was almost a blood color. I took him to the vet and they said he may have a urinary disease that is common among male cats that are neutered and stay indoors. They recommended the indoor cat food and said he should be fine in about 3 weeks. I have given him only the indoor cat food (which he refuses to eat, so I've begun mixing it with regular food), and have allowed him to go outside at his will. He still regularly pees right outside the catbox or in the corner of the bathroom (it is normal color now). Now, he has had "loose stools" for about a week. Any suggestions of how to help my poor kitty? I'm at a loss of how to get him to stop peeing and don't want to leave him out all the time, but I can't have him peeing inside! Any suggestions or related experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    I've been in your shoes before and here is what I learned. Because of his medical history - having the urinary infection - he peed outside the litter box to get your attention to let you know something was wrong with him. It worked...you took him to the vet. However in the process he learned a new behavior...peeing outside the litter box was ok. Obviously its not. That behavior has to be unlearned, and he has to relearn to use the litter box. There is a fabulous litter called "Cat Attract" designed by a vet named Dr. Elsey for Precious Cat Litter. It is specifically designed to "entice" (for lack of a better word) you cat back into using the litter box. More information can be found here: http://www.preciouscat.com/precious-attract-p-5.ht...

    The next step along with getting this litter is to get a product called Natures Miracle. Follow the instructions on the bottle to clean the area where he has been using the floor outside his box. Other cleaners get rid of the smell that we humans smell....this stuff gets rid of the smell that cats are able to smell (also known as the smell of their litter box that keeps them coming back to it) After cleaning the spot ...... place either aluminum foil or shelf paper sticky side up over it. Cat’s don’t like walking over either of those items. Both the litter I've mentioned and the cleaner can be found at most large pet stores.

    In regards to eating his food from the vet, and your mixing the stuff he likes with it. Stop mixing the stuff he likes with it. There is a reason he likes it....its bad for him. Read the ingredients closely and you will probably find fish, fish oil or a fish byproduct listed. This is what started the problem in the first place. Fish is really really bad for male cats. It creates crystals in their urine that blocks them up so it is painful to pee. Thus the bloody color and the attention getting peeing outside the litter box. Since your cat does not like the food from the vets, call your vet and have him recommend another food that will not re-cause the problem.

    As for the loose stools.....if it has not stopped...go back to your vet. There could be another problem, or an allergic reaction to something he may have gotten into outside.

    Best of luck with your kitty.

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    My cat had a similar problem. If your cat had (has) a urinary tract infection he is now associating the pain of peeing with the litter box. Here is what I did (once my cat was cured of infection)

    1.Move the litter box to another location. This is for 2 reasons, to remove him from the memory of pain and away from the smell of his previous pee so he won't be tempted to pee in the same spot.

    2. Instead of cat litter for 2 or 3 days put shredded newspaper in his box. It will be messy at first, but will erase the memory of the sandy kitty litter. Then bring in a different litter. Try to make sure it is unscented, because a lot of cats hate the perfume smell of some litters.

    Finally, make sure to neutralize the smell of the area of the first litter box. Most pet stores sell cleaners specifically for urine spots. Cats are very fussy (in general) about the condition of their toilets so make sure to keep the litter clean.

    ooops, forgot to mention, Many of the indoor cat foods include lots of fiber - If your cat is outdoors now, he will be eating the grass he needs for fiber. Also, if the food is "good for hairballs" that means that it can have a laxative effect on many cats.

    Good luck!

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    No it is not normal male cats develope what is called stones or crystles in their penis which causes a blockage in their urinary tract. He need to go to a vet who knows of this condition. Stat feeding him urinary trac food add some tuna in it and mix if he wont eat it. do not give him store brand food it is not very good for cats no matter what the label says unless it is one preferred by the vet. the cheaper cat food can cause thi to happen in male cats. also clean the box more often cats do not like dirty boxes , they are very clean animals and when they start getting where they don't wash themselves is also a sign. your cat has these crystls built up and you need to do something very soon , it can kill him. get another vet. I know about this because I had same problems and my cat had to have an operation. Blader malfunctioned and almost lost his penis because the crystls were getting bigger and vet didn't think he could flush them out but he did. but hurry time is important so find another vet and ask about the stoes in the penis and bladder problem with your cat no going in the box. that is the first sign.

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    Take a few days and every 10 minutes put him in the litter box. If he pees in the litter box, give him a treat. He will associate the treat with something he did good so he'll want to do it more often. Then pet him and talk in a baby voice because it will tell him that he's a good cat.

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    Right after he eats or drinks put him in the litter box do that for about 2 weeks.

    Source(s): My own experince
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    really good question, not like someppl asking how to break der legz! weird!

    anywayz, u put him in his own litter box just after he has food. do that 4 about 3 weeks until he knows wat to do. he'll soon get used to it. OR u might want him to eat in the litter box! cuz u never know whenhe's gonna pee. he might do it while it's eating! lol! cats these dayz!

    Source(s): merry christmas and happy new year! xxx by the way, those kisses r 4 the cat! lol.
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    make sure the litter box is clean and get your- self another vet as soon as possible

    thank you

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