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In the championship!: For my flex: A. Green at home vs. Minnesota or R. Dayne at home vs. Indy?

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    Each player u mention has played the team they are playing this week in an earlier game and neither did well.

    Green vs Minnesota 22 carries for 55 yrds and 0 TD's.

    Dayne vs Indy 11 carries for 37 yrds and 0 TD's

    Minnesota allows an average of 55.1 rushing yds per game, which is the best in the league and right now and nfl record. The Colts have the worst rushing defense in the NFL. They allow 173.4 yrds per game.

    These are Dayne's stats from the last 3 games, the last one is vs New England and we all know what thier D is like.

    Rushes Yards TD

    Week 13 (@OAK) 18 95 0

    Week 14 (TEN) 21 87 2

    Week 15 (@NWE) 18 94 1

    The stats say go with Dayne, he's on fire now.

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    Go with R. Dayne. Minnesota has consistently shut down the run, whereas Indy has had terrible trouble throughout the season against the run.

    Your choice is between a running back facing the best run defense in the league, and another facing the worst run defnese. Even though Green is better, Dayne is likely to do better - and he has had some recent flashes of brilliance. I think he had 2 TDs 2 weeks back. So go with Dayne, unless you hear about a number of injuries to Minnesota's defensive front.

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    I'd go with Dayne...Colts can not shut down the run, they did better than normal monday but they still gave up a lot of rushing yards. The Texans coach was a off cord at Denver before he came to Houston so if you know anything about football the last 10 years you know that he has a pretty good Idea of how to run the ball. Daynes also a lot fresher than Green, Green could be wearing down....remember he was hurt all of last year so its been a long year for him.

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    Ron Dayne against 32nd ranked rush defense. Because Ahmad Green is up against the #1 ranked rush defense in the NFL. They allow a maximum of 32 yards per game.

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    R. Dayne is a sure winner here. He is going against a defense that is ranked 32nd in the NFL. He will get the yards and he will score at lease once.

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    A. Green

    1.) He catches a lot of passes out of the back field.

    2.) Dayne is too inconsistent to start in a championship game.

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    Go with Dayne. You can't run on the Vikes!

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