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Anyone with protective (of their owner) cats that are also somewhat territorial! - Recently been neutered.?

My cat was just recently neutered, but had a traumatic experience- the vet said he would not hold still & was jumping all around (he ended up breaking a couple of his own nails). Now I'm feeling like it's my fault I took him in the first place, & didn't just leaved him unfixed. I love the way he would act like a dog & go after anyone if they bothered me. Will he still have this same instinct, or is it lost? I always wonder if the animal hates the owner or remembers what was done? Also, will the nails grow back- I hope so becuase as of now they still look sore. Thank you! (Would be great if you can answer all the above questions esp. if had experience with this)

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    In general, your cat's personality shouldn't change. The main difference after having a male cat neutered is that they shouldn't spray. A huge benefit to having your pets spayed/neutered is that older pets who are not "fixed" commonly develop cancer in their reproductive organs. So, fixed pets tend to live longer. His nails should grow back (unless they were ripped completely out, then I'm not sure). And, as far as his memory, I'm not sure how much they do remember, but I've had about 5 male cats and neutered them all and none of them have ever showed "resentment" of being neutered. They may not like car rides or may fight when it's time to go to the vet (that is, if they went willingly before), but his behavior toward you shouldn't change. I had a male cat for about 13 years that was fixed and still completely behaved as a "tom" cat.

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    I had my cat neutered a few years ago. He was an older cat. Maybe I can help answer your questions.

    Your cat's nails will almost certainly grow back. My cat, now age 15, has broken off his nails dozens of times. He does have one that never grew back, but it was lost in a fight. He's broken nails in stress before, jumping around, clawing things -- they've always grown back.

    Your cat won't hate you. Really, you did the right thing -- though it sounds like your vet was NOT very good; the cat should've been asleep during the whole ordeal! Give him loads of love and he'll quickly come around. My cat took less than a week.

    You probably won't lose the protective instinct entirely, but your cat is likely to be more peace-loving. Expect him to settle down, stop roaming so much, nap in the sun a lot more ;) He may gain a little weight if you aren't careful, since he'll have less urge to exercise. I reduced my cat's food slightly and he still gained a few pounds.

    You will probably find that your cat will be slightly less protective yet quite a bit more loving. This change will occur over the course of about two months as his body fully adjusts.

    My cat was neutered because he was starting to lose more fights than he won -- the vet said either neuter him or prepare to bury him. Now I wish I'd done it earlier; he's very loving, extremely well behaved, and I don't have to worry about further litters of unwanted kittens he might father to be dumped at the pound or killed.

    I hope this answer helps a bit ;)

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    I would't feel bad that you had your cat neutered. If it is an outdoor cat, you are cutting back on the cat population, unwanted kittens, kittens that will sit in a pet shelter for a few months before they are put down because nobody wants them. So good for you.

    I'm wondering what the vet people did wrong to freak your cat out like that. I'm assuming that it happened while they were prepping for the surgery and not during the surgery. If they didn't anesthetize him for the surgery you should report them to the ASPCA and consider a civil suit for the trauma to your pet.

    I don't know if the claws will grow back, but until they do, if they do, keep him inside so he doesn't get dirt all over them, and possibly get into a cat fight that he won't be able to properly defend himself in. If they don't grow back, he should permanently be an indoor cat. I think all cats should be indoor pets anyway. I think it is cruel to subject them to other cats (especially if it's a smaller, timid cat), and constantly getting pregnant or impregnating female cats, killing birds that may be not necessarily endangered, but maybe rare or something. Plus if you live in the boonies, they will be prey for coyotes, bobcats, cougars, wolves, etc. etc.

    If you absolutely MUST let your cat outside, make sure you supervise it's wanderings.

    And watch his food intake now. Nobody warned me that my cat would gain weight after being neutered and now his vet calls him a moose. He's VERY large. Not fat like those cats you see on the internet that are world record breakers, but he waddles when he walks and his belly jiggles when he runs...which is hardly ever. My little jelly belly.

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    his personality shouldn't change he should be the same cat as he went in as he goes out of the vets office

    thank you

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    i refuse to get my cat spayed because of the same reasons you just explained. i think its against nature. but i'm sure althought your cat was traumitized, he will eventually chill and go back to his normal self.

    you are the one who feeds him, so he's going to have to warm up sooner or later ;)

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