secound marriage......???

This will be my secound marriage...the first one was a mess ans ended bad. I tried everything....okay so my question....I was married by the justice of the pieace in the first marrage. I have heard you cannot get married in a cathic church if you have been married before, is this true? I believe it is, I just want to be sure.


I am divorced, an annulment was not possible.....we share a child. Their was abuse to me and my child but still with a child involved annulment was not possible....thanks for all your help

Update 2:

I have made confimation, no I don't go to church every sunday.... I am a sigle mother who works 2 jobs.

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    Annulment: "Some Catholics therefore worry that their children will be considered illegitimate if they get an annulment. However, Canon 1137 of the Code of Canon Law specifically affirms the legitimacy of children born in both recognized and putative marriages (those later declared null)."

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    For a price anything is possible. If you were married by church you would have to get a annulment from your first marriage.

    The scam is you pay the Catholic church or priest hundreds of dollars to investigate your marriage, if he sees any wrong doing, the marriage will be annulled.

    I have the same issue with my wife, we have been married for 16 years and still have not got this done.

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    Yes you can be remarried, however you need what is called an annullment and both people getting married must be members of the catholic church. Sounds like you haven't been to church in a while. You both need to have done your confirmation. Things may have changed over the years so go to your church and talk to them.

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    It is true. You have to contact your local parish priest. He can lead you through the process of having the first marriage annulled by the church "Tribunal." This process can take a few months, so don't rush to plan the second wedding just yet. You would be better off waiting until the annulment comes through.

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    You should talk to the priest. You said that the first marriage was it the JP. If you did not have the first marriage recognized by the church, there may be the chance that they will allow the second marriage to be in the church. If they do not allow it you should further question the priest to see what you need to do to return to communion to your church. If the first marriage was done outside the church you were theoretically "out of Communion" You may need to confess or something like that to return to Communion. Well any how, talk to your priest, he will have the details.

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    I think so. As long as you are Catholic you are not able to get remarried in the Catholic church. Unless the original married is granted annulled by the Catholic chruch and that has to be agreed upon by both parties.

    Source(s): I asked my Catholic church.
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    Yes...and no. To get married in the catholic church, you have to go through a process that shows that your first marriage doesn't really count as a marriage, because one of the core things needed for a marriage wasn't there. You should talk to your priest (or his priest) to get details about how to go about this. It isn't very hard.

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    I am pretty sure its true, not to bring up celebrities but they made a big deal about the Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban marriage, because she was allowed to get married in a catholic church only because the Catholic Church did not recognize her marriage to Tom Cruise that whole scientology their marriage was based on too.

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    Unless you are granted an annulment by the church, you cannot be married in the church.

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    You need to talk to a priest. Since you weren't married in a church that might mean something. Talk to a priest and find out what steps you need to go through. Good Luck.

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