Why is it so hard to find someone that u love so much?

I have to admit that i am not ugly. Why no guys like me? Why guys that I love doesn't love me back? I am so confused.

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    1 decade ago
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    First: stop trying to find it! By being desperate (that's the way men will percieve it, whether you like it or not) you set yourself up for potential dissapointments. I've always said that: "the emotional investment has to be equal, from both sides of the relationship", so if you push for LOVE, and the person you're dating is not jumping in as fast, you'll have issues, and he/she will probably take things for-granted.

    Second: Don't set your standarts TOO high. Nobody is perfect, even is someone acts like they are. In the beginning of ANY relationship, both parties try to be as patient as possible, but "real we" come out eventually, and to be honest, that's what we want- the "real-ness" (horrible english, sorry :))))

    If you ever watch "Good Will Hunting", Robin Williams says something along this lines, when he speaks of his departed wife, that he loved greatly :"it's the IMPERFECTIONS, that make us who we are, and makes us unique and special".

    I think it's a very WISE phrase.

    Ofcourse if the guy/girl is an alchy, or beats you up- that's a different story, but if you open your mind you'll understand what i'm talkin about.

    Good Luck. Don't worry, you WILL meet The ONE...

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't be confused. Just be a little patient. There are alot of men and women who feel the same as you, myself included. They say love doesn't come easy. I'm sure you're a very pretty, nice woman. Just having some bad luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    because most people are godless nowadays, they are self serving,self loving,selfish me me me corrupted souls. :(

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    1 decade ago

    let me see your picture ...... I can love you as hell

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