what are the side effects of previcox A pet pain reliever?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, it is an NSAID, non steroidal anti-inflamatory drug.

    I was on a website produced by the makers of the product, I think, and they claim for a drug of it's type, side effects were amazingly low.

    But they are worth considering. Here they are - gastrointestinal problems, which could include bleeding, but not necessarily. Possible kidney or liver problems.

    The chances of the side effects greatly increase if any other nsaids are used.

    Usually what vets say is, if the dog is not expected to outlive the chance of side-effects anyway, example, say it could take 5 yrs. to get these side effects, but the dog might have 3 good years, yet.

    And if it causes the pet to exercise more and lose weight, that is a further joint benefit, supposedly.

    My own beliefs are, nsaids are more trouble then they are worth, cause they can cause pain, too. And the same for steroids.

    Have you tried a health food store, for supplements, and or vitamins? Or some kind of Alternative therapy, or Doctor. There are even pet chiropractors, and people are doing massage on pets, at home. I think there are websites, possibly free.

    And, how is their weight? Do they sleep on a firm surface away from drafts? How is their playtime? May I suggest a low impact exercise. Swimming or wading in water can be excellent. Warm water, probably.

    And keep a positive attitude when around the pet. Cause they can pick up on what you are feelin', too!

    The pet is lucky to have so wonderful a Mommy as yourself!

    Oh! How about topical pain relievers. Maybe there will be some that can be applied right to the joint, over the skin. This is much less impact, internally speaking.

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