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hi i paid for kazaa gold membership and now it wont connect. help?

i tried to remove from programs and delete off pc. then was going to redownload but says a message "another application has exclusive access to the file ... please shut down all other applications and click retry". this is crap i paid $40 bucks for this crap. any ideas?

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    .. the only thing i can tell u is that u definitely are getting ripped off paying for pirate software ... ur not doing anything to increase the legality of it by paying... kazaa and limewire are full of viruses and trojans its untelling what is going on ... my advice is to drop that and count ur losses and get utorrent and start using bittorrent .

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  • pcc122
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    it's lock in the registry

    you need to be savvy to fiddler around the windows registry.

    PS i never want kazaa on my computer

    to many spam i involve and some virus

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  • 4 years ago

    ok so that is the bs i had to do the same element with my mastercard thats yours probably good? ok ok nicely that is what we choose you to do ok shall we bypass in and locate our words and stipulations section and locate the actual lil fantastic print the position it says call this quantity to cancel it and basically call and easily say i'd favor to end it because its uncomplicated and that i didnt choose it to be like that and microsoft will say o ok thats coool guy and end it on spot and in the experience that they charge you back they provides you you with yet another quantity in whic you need to call they extremely have undesirable regulations

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