what should i wear to go out?

my birthday is on saturday, so we're going out friday night. i'm wearing black stilettos with skinny black jeans, but other than that i have no idea. i'll probably bring an extra pair of shoes if the stilettos are giving me trouble, but they will be black to.

so what do you think?


i was totally thinking maybe some red.

these are all really great ideaaaas.

Update 2:

and i definitely want to wear something that says, "hey everybody, it's my birthday!!"

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    Black is always rich. Its the best you can wear. But if you are always choosing black, then its time for you to present yourself different.

    Like you may choose to wear some light and dark color combinations.

  • 1 decade ago

    depends on where you are going and all, if your going to be walking around alot than defidently with out a doubt bring extra shoes, u might want to bring an extra pair anyways even if ur not walking around. the outfit sounds adorible!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! lol try wearing a sparkled or glammed tshirt so the out fit looks slammin.. dont wear a black tee too much black wont work

    Happy Birthday And Good Luck!

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    I think a black and neutral color top would look great with stilettos and skinny jeans! I don't think you should go with a solid dark color but something with black in it would be good. Something low cut and/or strappy. You could even add a shrug or shoulder wrap! With this outfit and a cute hair style, you would look great! HAPPY B-DAY!

  • Jamie*
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    Sounds good, sexy and cute. Wear a black fashion top, something possibly low-cut, or form fitting. Or wear a bright, vibrant color to stand out, b/c you're the Birthday Girl! Just have fun w/ your outfit, and wear whatever looks best, and feels best on your body. -Happy early Birthday!! Have fun.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think u should wear dress that makes u feel really really good.maybe something that is special in ur eyes and suitable with who u are.don`t be over or else people might judge u in negative ways.

    i know u can do it.by the way...happy birthday...

  • 1 decade ago

    Wear thin straps coloured top, bring a small jacket if its going to be cold on Friday night.


  • 1 decade ago

    That's a good idea. Those new long shirts are in style, they look like a mini dress. That would be cute.

  • 1 decade ago

    I say a cute halter or tunic shirt...any dark color like dark red, navy blue, emerald green.

    Go to http://www.charlotte-russe.com/ and click "Hot Chic" and then "new arrivals." There are some cute stuff over there; find what you like!

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