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I am having to have a root canal in about 2 weeks i am so freakin nervous i need some support... help?

i just need support stories expireneces anything.....

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    It was only painful for 2 days because I followed all the dentist recommendations. No smoking or drinking through a straw. (Sucking motion can cause the blood clot to come out and you end up with a dry socket - big pain) Also, I got some really nice happy pills for pain and was totally oblivious to the 2 days of pain. Hehehe, What Pain? Dentist usually give good meds if you act really nervous. My dentist has a plaque that reads "We cater to cowards".

    Really it is not so bad as long as you don't get a dry socket. Be sure to take your pain meds before the Novocain wears off.

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    Oooh, well I've had 3 root canals and just recently had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled at once. The root canals aren't so bad, it'll only hurt for a day or two, but the vicodin helps a lot, if thats what they'll prescribe for you. But there's nothing to worry about, i'm sure they'll give you enough anesthesia to numb the pain while they kill the nerves. It doesn't really hurt as much as you'd think....its the wisdom teeth that you don't want pulled! Good lord, was that the worst pain i've ever had to experience for a whole week, felt like a lifetime.

    Best of luck...

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    Root canals are not fun, but they're not exactly the end of the world either. A lot depends on your dentist. A good dentist will talk to you before the procedure and ask if you want to be awake or "out" while they're doing the root canal. If you get the choice, it's much better to be "out" for it so you don't see or hear what they're doing. If you don't get the choice, the dentist will still shoot you full of Lidocaine so you won't feel anything while you're getting worked on. The worst part is AFTER the root canal when the Lidocaine wears off. You'll need some heavy-duty pain killers for that. Most dentists prescribe Tylenol 3 (acetaminophen with codeine) which doesn't do much for me. Ask your dentist if he/she can prescribe something stronger like Vicodin or Percocet. If you can, take a couple of days off work/school after your root canal so you can rest and recuperate. Good luck!

    Source(s): My uncle is a dentist; I've had two root canals
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    Just had my first one and let me tell you what....after the pain that I was in before the root canal, afterward was nothin!!! I didn't have the best dentist in the world because I had to make my appointment on an emergency. I would make sure that you are going to a dentist that you know and trust. You SHOULD NOT feel any pain during the proceedure and if you do, let them know because you don't want to feel what they are doing. Raise your hand or anything to let them know that something isn't quite right. (try not to bite the guy) and they will give you more numbing medicine. Good Luck.

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    I hope this helps, I have had many as they were trying to fix me from a car accident, Dont be scared the Dr knows what he is doing pain depends on a few things

    1) your threashold

    2) follow the dr directions, < I did not once>

    3) How much infection

    your jaw may be tender from being open Ice and medicene will make it all right. I have had friends that had no pain at all < i wanted to kill them> Dont smoke right away try not to irratate the area. remember thousads are done every day and the build up is far worse then the reality

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    Hi,,, Taylor,,,, honey there is nothing to worry about... it does "Not hurt",, the main problem that I found was having my mouth open so long,, and my lips getting dry.... so have some lip stuff for afterward....

    I have had plenty of these done,, don't worry about it.. ok... Now,, settle back and enjoy life...

    You can write me, if you want,, more details....

    good luck

    PS: i just read what some of these people are saying on here.. look.. the dentist drills out the nerve in the tooth .. Therefore there is no pain, because of no nerve....afterward.... Your mouth maybe sore, but it is Not going to hurt.... i promise you....

    Source(s): been there, done that
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    I've had a few root canals. As long as the tooth isn't infected, it won't hurt. If you are able to wait 2 weeks to have it done, the tooth most likely isn't infected. Don't worry--it won't hurt. The dentist will give you plenty of Novocaine.

    Good luck

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    Have had several. Bring an iPod, Walkman or some sort of personal listening device to take your mind away from the procedure. Good luck, you WILL be okay!!!

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    It's not oo bad, I have had it done twice. It is worth the dicomfort and I didn't bleed much, sore jaw for a couple of days though.

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    It's not that bad....I had my first one about 5 months ago....you shouldn't feel anything during the procedure....it's afterward that it's just a little sore and tender.....don't freak out.....good luck!!

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