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Why is most of the military conservative?

This is another serious question(believe it or not).

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    I am shocked at so many silly answers. The real and most reasonable answer is that in the past 40 years it is the conservative who have spent more money on the armed forces and have given them more flexibility to do what they want. Accoding to my source (below), this is the primary reason for the military supporting the most conservative party (usually Republicans in the past 40 years).

    Source(s): My best friend is a graduate of West Point Military academy, now works for the FBI and previously taught military tactics at Indianna State. He gave me this answer.
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    The military is all about conforming, status, and intolerance of differences. Many military people stay in the military simply because they're afraid of change. They are accustomed to the lifestyle and receiving a steady paycheck every 2 weeks.

    Of course they're going to be conservative since a republican is more likely to increase defense spending and raise their salaries. Furthermore, the GOP supports all of the things the military is about (social/economic distinction, conformity, closed-mindedness, and intolerance).

    I should know. I was a military officer for 4 years.

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    well lets look at this seriously then, take a look at all the recruitment Ads, they are 95% based in lower income areas, look at Vietnam, sorry to say but it was a fact, most who served were people without allot of money, these are facts, besides the initial rush of patriotism based on what we were told then, most, perhaps not all, people going in now, do not have a job, , Yes I am a Veteran

    You know one thing about a War, Some prosper greatly from it, many many many others will die

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    Who is the military made up of and who does it appeal to? Young, high-testosterone individuals. . . the majority of which don't have a college degree.

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    Because the military is founded on Personal Responsibility, not the belief that a person is a "victim" of society.

    Source(s): Me...9 year Active Duy Sailor...only 11 more 'til retirement!
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    It's the Republican way. Shoot first, ask questions later.

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    They care about and want to serve their country. Most Libs cannot see the BIG picture and haven't got a clue how to handle things in the wide spectrum.

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    because liberalism is weak, pathetic, timid and afraid. who wants their soldier being like that?

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