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Animals do some gross things.?

Animals do silly things, and sometimes they are so gross. Yesterday my friends dog scooted his but across the carpet, then turned around to smell the carpet, then started licking it.

This morning i woke up to find my two kitties in the spare room playing with poop. They had three other cat toys right by them, but they chose to play with their poop. So i cleaned it up, got them to play with there toys. A few minutes later i go in to check on them, and they scooped more poop out of their litter box and started playing with it again...haha, i just don't know...

What are some silly, but gross things your pet has done?


yes, thank you, i have informed him about anal glands.

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    Our two dogs love to eat poop. Their favorite toys are the frozen balls of horse poop in the pasture. They will pick them up and throw them to eachother, like a ball, and then sit and gnaw on them (frozen treat!). They also love eating goat poop- wheven the goats are out with the dogs, they will follow them around and eat it as soon as it hits the ground.

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    Thats why they are animals. They dont care what anyone thinks.

    I've seen alot grosser things! As far as the dog with the butt scooting. Could be a problem or the pup could be marking its territory. Thats why they have anal glands and thats why dogs sniff each other stools and butts. Its all about smell to them.

    Here's a gross one, I have on dog that will open the poop bucket and snack right out of it! And then want to give you a great big doggy kiss...yuck!

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    Check your dogs stool scooting across the carpet is a sign of worms, not always but sometimes, just keep and eye on it. I had a golden retriever that used to eat his poop the cats litter box waste, and would eat it out of the toilet if you did not flush fast enough.

  • like when i first got my jack russell she had a long way home and she was to little to see outside the window so i guess anxiety got the better of her and she vomited maybe three times on the way home...vomiting is gross am i right? but anyway i have seen dogs do way grosser things than that

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    If the dog was rubbing it's bottom on the ground and then licking it, it probably needs to get it's anal glands done. Tell your friend to bring their dog to the vet (unless they wish to do it themselves).

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    Humans do some gross things themselves. Thankfully the animals don't judge us.

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    my kitten will find a moth, kill it, through it up in the air,catch it with her mouth, and eat it.

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