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personal ?

i have a strange ? and concidering you guys dont really know me ill ask is it normal to have good sized pimples on my vaginal area?only serious answers please!

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    I think you must go to Lady skin doctor. After all problem is problem, and should be discussed to experts without hesitation

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    I have read that they can be caused from sweating and clothes being too tight or if you wear pantyhose with no undies ..... the rubbing together of legs and sweating

    Wear cotton or at least with cotton crotch these are breathable and do not hold moisture as when you sweat.

    Some of us are more sensitive than others from what we wash our clothes in to the material

    If you are concerned/worried see your Dr.

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    This could be normal, however, you really need to have the problem examined by a medical professional. Your OB/Gyn or possibly a dermatologist can likely provide treatment.

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    It's not a huge concern, just make sure you are keeping yourself clean, especially if you are exercising a lot. When you sweat, make sure to shower as soon as possible. Also, keep yourself well-groomed below.

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    good sized?... are we talking herpes????.. it might be normal but it could be serious..

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    I don't know what you are talking about!

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