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How to get over a lost baby?

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    You don't ever forget. In time you will be able to work through the grieving process, so give yourself the time you need. Your familys support will help and if you are active in church the pastor or others can also assist you through this time.

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    I too lost my my son, William Russell Cobb on Oct 26 2006. He was born early due to an incompetent cervix at 21w3d. He lived for a short 3 hours.

    You never get over it. As time passes it gets better. But you always hurt. There will always be an empty feeling in side you and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Its good to remember. Hold the good memories close to your heart and mourn as much as it takes. That's all of the healing process. Best of luck to you Hun and remember we have 2 beautiful baby's playing in the clouds together.

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    Wow, this is a pretty tough question. There is no prescribed way to get over such a tremendous lost. I too have experienced this loss.

    For me, I just let myself experience the full gamut of the emotional spectrum. If I felt like crying, I did. If I did not want to get out of bed that day, I didn't. If I wanted to stuff my face with comfort food, I did that as well. But I also re-affirmed to myself daily that this too will pass....that one day I will hold a little one in my arms. I felt good that at the very least, my body is capable of conceiving; one thing we as women take for granted where a lot of women have difficulty in that area.

    I also enlisted the support of some on-line support groups just for this. Take a look at the link below, and I hope this helps you.

    Again, I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you.

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    I am so sorry.

    You deal with it the same as any other loss. The biggest difference is people don't seem to understand that even though they never got to hold this baby, you did. So they say insensitive things trying to help like "you can always have another one". You will get such remarks and you have to realize that the person saying it is trying to help. They just don't understand what you are going through. Deal with this loss as you would any other one. Take time off from work if you need to. Tell your close friends, family what you need from them to help you move on.. a shoulder to cry on a listening ear and quiet tongue... I hope for you many blessings. P~

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    It is not possible to get over a lost baby.

    However,you can find the cause for losing the baby and be precautious next time because I am sure you don't want to lose a baby once more!

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    It's really a pity that your baby have to go. I would not say that I know how you feel for there are many things that I do not know but what I do know for certain is that you do have an angel of God watching over you. Cheer up and have a merry Christmas.

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    ohh hun. i am in the same boat hada miscarriage bout a month ago now. there is no real way other than to try and get on with your life as it used to be. i was off work for ages but now i am back and i work with friends, it just takes your mind off of things. helps not to thinks too much bout it either.

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    you will never ,,just love what you had with the baby,,,keep it in your heart ,,no one can take that from you ,,,have more baby and love them also,,,

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