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Can anyone give me the winners of the 13 seasons of 'SURVIVOR' ?

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    Borneo- Richard Hatch

    Outback- Tina Wesson

    Africa- Ethan Zohn

    Marquesas- Vecepia Towery

    Thailand- Brian Heidik

    Amazon- Jenna Morasca

    Pearl Islands- Sandra Diaz- Twine

    All- Stars- Amber Brkich

    Vanuatu- Chris Daughtery

    Palau- Tom Westman

    Guatemala- Danni Boatwright

    Panama- Aras Baskauskas

    Cook Islands- Yul Kwon

    Hope it Helpppppppsssss <3

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays <33

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    Yul won the Million Dollars, but Ozzie was very close. For the first time ever, they had 3 in the final not too. Becky was the third person and got no votes.

    On the reunion show, Ozzie won a car.

    They are going to Fuji for the next Survivor and say it has some major things happening, but they always say that!

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    Survivor has been on for 13 Seasons! Yuck!

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    I can say with pride I have never watched a single minute of that show.

    Now, if they would just drop those people with absolutely nothing but the clothes on their backs, no ammenities, no help from anyone, and the LAST PERSON LEFT ALIVE was the winner, now that might be worth a look.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yul won it

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